Research Papers/Topics in Theology

On Theology of Westminster Confession, Strength and Weakness

The Westminster Confession of Faith is a systematic exposition of Calvinism, written from a Puritan viewpoint. It was originally drafted to reform the Church of England and to unify the various Christian sects in England at that time. The document addresses doctrines such as the Trinity, the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus, sola scriptura, and sola fide. The full Westminster Confession of Faith can be found here.

Evaluation of the Old Testament Prophetism and Biblical Paradigm of the Schools of the Prophets

This paper discusses the prophetic ministry and the order of training employed at the time of the Old Testament. Worthy of note is that, the name given to bands of prophets or “sons of prophets” living together for instruction and worship under Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha. Little is known about these schools, but they seem to have been important religious institutions in Israel and references to them are frequent. Not all the “sons of the prophets” claimed to have a supernatural gift; ...


This paper discusses the prophetic ministry and the order of training employed at the time of the Old Testament. Worthy of note is that, the name given to bands of prophets or “sons of prophets”living together for instruction andbworship under Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha

An Idea into Suspension of Life (Support) from a Scriptural Bases

How should Christians come to the end of life? What is the appropriate use of technology to prolong life?How can we assure that when our time to die comes we will do it in answer to the call of God rather than because all of the technology of modern medicine has been exhausted?These are difficult questions. We will not find easy answers. We must never trivialize them. Nevertheless, I believe that if we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures and truly begin to think biblically, we will emerge...


The first five books of the Bible (both Hebrew and Christian) are foundational to all of Scripture and rank as one of the most important portions of the Word of God (Wolf17).This is so because its theological and historical revelations are necessary for an understanding of the rest of the Old Testament and the New Testament as well.These five books contain, for example, God's revelation about the origin of the world with its emphasis on the creation of man made in the image of God, how sin...

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