Research Papers/Topics in Agricultural Education

An annotated outline of a named indigenous technology and how you would teach the scientific concept/processes/principles in it by using the integrated approach.

Gari is a creamy-white, granular flour with slightly fermented flavour and slightly sour taste made from fermented fresh mash cassava. Gari is widely known in Ghana, Nigeria and other West African countries. It is commonly consumed either by being soaked in cold water with sugar and milk, coconut, roasted groundnuts or preparing ‘ebar’ .

Skill Needs of Workshop Attendants for the effective Operation of Agricultural Education Workshops in a Recessed Economy

ABSTRACTThis paper seeks to identify the skill needs of workshop attendants for effective operation of Agricultural Education workshops in a period of recessed economy. It analyzed the concept of Agricultural Education as a skill acquisition programme in need of workshops to actualize its objectives. It also conceptualized the term “Agricultural education workshops” while raising some arguments between Agricultural education workshop and Agricultural laboratories. Some objectives and impo...


The paper discussed the crucial role of agricultural education as a key to national development in Nigeria. The issue of education for self-reliance was particularly examined. In the process, key terms like “agricultural science education” and “self-reliance” were clarified. The paper acknowledged the fact that Nigerian education policy is rooted in self-reliance as stated in the National Policy on Education. The problem is tha...

Pilot Study & Reliability Testing

This Study is to emphasise the effect of a pilot study before the actual experiment and to find out if a study addresses its aims of carrying out the study that is reliable. I. E. RELIABILITY. 


ABSTRACTAgricultural education offers opportunity for entrepreneurship and self-reliance for sustainable growth and development. This paper focuses on areas of agriculture that enhances self sustenance such as animal husbandry, crop production as well as marketing of agricultural product. The various infrastructural manpower constraints as well inconsistency in educational policy and over dependence of the economy on petroleum were highlighted as part of the challenges in development of ...