Research Papers/Topics in Agricultural And Bio Environmental Engineering

Agricultural Biomass Waste (cow Dung) collection, storage and use in Anaerobic Digestion with CHP

How Much quantity of dung needs to be collected to be used in an Anaerobic Digestion process to make it economically viable? How can the collected dung be used to generate electricity and heat in a combined heat and power? What CHP technology gives you the best electrical to thermal heat ratio? 

Isolation and characterization of PGPR from the rhizopheres of selected vegetables in Ogun state

ABSTRACT Beneficial bacteria that colonize the root of plants and are capable of stimulating the growth of plants directly or indirectly are called plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria. The objective of this study was to isolate and characterize plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria from the rhizosphere of some selected vegetables collected at different locations in Ago-iwoye, Oru and Ijebu-Igbo in Ijebu-North local Government Area of Ogun state, using general microbiological and biochemical t...

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