Biodiversity and Conservation Science Research Papers/Topics

Evaluation of Raw Silk Produced by Bivoltine Silkworm Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) Races in Kenya.

Abstract: Evaluation of raw silk produced in location S1 (laboratory) and S2 (field) was assessed during long rains (LR) and short rains (SR), using...(continue from the attached pdf)

Garden fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata L.) accelerates recycling and bioremediation of animal waste

Abstract: Bioconversion of livestock wastes using insect larvae represents an emerging and effective strategy for waste management. However, knowledge on the role of the garden fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata L.) in waste recycling and influence on the diversity of microbial community in frass fertilizer is limited. Here, we determined whether and to what extent the conversion of cattle dung into insect frass fertilizer by P. sinuata influences the frass’ microbial community and its associa...