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Divorce Proceedings Under The Matrimonial Causes Act Cap. M7. Lfn 2004 At The High Court In Nigeria; Precedents And Procedure

This article aims to guide a new wig and to arm him with the basic knowledge of interviewing, preparing and filing of a divorce process and as well as emphasis on the entire procedure including stage to stage guide in divorce proceedings in High Courts of Nigeria.VICTOR. U UZOCHUKWU LP.

Role of law and policies in cushioning the negative economic effect of Global Emergency of

The incident of corona virus has eaten deep into most of the nation's economy. Thus the object of this essay is to critically appraise the role of law and policies when global emergency hit hard on the economy.

A Study of a Particular Reference to the Legal Implications and Dimensions of the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is an effective written constitution that any Nation has ever ensured and produced. In a combination of other different constitution, the constitution makers need to be so prudent while preparing draft of the constitution as a result of the diversity contained inside. All the State in India is significant and has its personal diversity.But the most diverse and the most beautiful and focus attracting state is in the country and the Northern Part of India. The A...

Limits of Electronic Evidence in Nigerian Banking Law

With the advent of the Computer Age, it is common knowledge that the worldwide adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has immensely altered and enhanced human interaction and our way of life for the past three decades. Thus, the world is now a global marketplace as a result of the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in business.  However, the emergence of Electronic Banking (e-Banking) as a result of the development of the internet has brough...

Critical Legal Studies Movement: An Appraisal

In assessing the critical legal studies movement, this paper takes a critical look at the ideology, the activities, heritage and ideology of the movement. The paper in reaching a reasonable analysis and assessment of the movement considered the pros and cons of the movement as postulated by learned writers in the field of Legal Theory, especially Robert Unger. In conclusion, the paper tried to apply the theory of the movement to modern time and recommended some reformation to allow the t...


This essay borders on whether or not Religious Institution are expected by law to pay tax.My discus is streamline into the following:Introduction,Definition of terms,Statutory Provisions,Taxable Income Of Religious Institution,ConclusionFootnotes


An Employment relationship just like any contract can be brought to an end by either of the parties to the contract. This article looks at the legal issues that arise where an employment relationship is brought to an end by termination or dismissal by an Employer.


There is no doubt that rights of LGBTs seem controversial or at best unsettled few decades ago among European Nations human rights regimes until recently. Hence the focus of this paper is to give an insight on the position of the European Court of Human Rights in creating a common ground and certainty on the rights of LGBTs within the member nations of the Council of Europe. It will equally highlight the evolutive approach of the Court via its interpr...

Code of Conduct Report

Code of Conduct for Public Officers


A partnership is the relationship which exists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view to profit.  It involves an agreement between two or more parties to enter into a legally binding relationship and is essentially contractual in nature.  According to Tindal CJ in Green v Beesley (1835) 2 Bing N C 108 at 112, ‘I have always understood the definition of partnership to be a mutual participation ...’, yet the participants do not create a legal entity when they...

Public Participation: An Imperative To The Sustainable Development Of The Nigerian Oil Industry

Environmental rights are one of the emerging rights in the arena of international human rights law and international environmental law. Though the jurisprudence of the rights is still in its formative stages, there is no doubt that the right is well recognized in the sphere of international law and has (and still is) influencing local legislation towards environmental sustenance.1.0       Introduction Environmental rights are one of the emerging ...

Expert Opinion In Evidence

OPINION EVIDENCE An expert has been defined as ‘a person with the status of an authority (in a subject) by reason of special skill, training or knowledge; a specialist’.Similarly, an expert witness has been described as ‘one who has made the subject upon which he speaks a matter of particular study, practice or observation: and he must have a particular and special knowledge of the subject’

Explanation On Hearsay Evidence

HEARSAY EVIDENCE Hearsay Evidence “It’s all about the he said she said bullshit” – Limp Bizkit “Believe only half of what you see, little of what you read, and nothing of what you hear” – old saying.   Hearsay often seems to be a very slippery creature, hard to grasp and hold long enough to look clearly at, analyse and or understand. Hearsay may often seem to be perfectly obvious, crystal clear, in some cir...

Evidence Of Character

EVIDENCE OF CHARACTER   1.0 EVIDENCE OF CHARACTER: Character evidence is a term used in the law of evidence to describe any testimony or document submitted for the purpose of proving that a person acted in a particular way on a particular occasion based on the character or disposition of that person. The logical function of character evidence may be shown by the following illustration. If a man is accused of stealing, h...

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