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Stratified Saturated Control of Bacteria Migration in Porous Media: An Experimental Investigation

ABSTRACT The importance of sand bed filters has gained more ground in on- site water treatment facilities. The performance of which depends on the design of the sand bed. A laboratory column experiment was designed to quantitatively determine the best kind of sand layered arrangement for maximal bacteria attenuation. Porosity was taken as media parameter to further examine the relationship between the layers that will yield a better performance. Porosity was determined using volumet...

A Computation Of Laminar Now in Open Channels and its Application to Sheet Erosion

ABSTRACT The results of an investigation of open channel flow in the laminar and transition range are presented. This type of flow found its application in runoff from rainfall. Values of Reynolds number were determined for different slopes in the range 10≤ 0≤ 450. It was found that the velocity of the fluid increases ar the slope of the bottom surface increases. There was a point where the laminar flow range change drastically to transitional flow range and later turbulent.

Geophysical Investigation of Foundation Condition of A Site in Ikere- Ekiti, Ekiti State, South-Western Nigeria

Abstract: A geophysical investigation has been performed using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) at a site behind Sammy Guest House in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti-State to examine the geophysical parameters that can be used to evaluate the structural competence of the shallow section of the subsurface for construction purposes and building development. The schlumberger configuration was used for the data acquisition. The half- currents electrode (AB/2) was used and the quantitative interpre...

Estimation of Indoor Radon from Concrete Blocks Used In Construction of Wall in Typical Nigerian Dwellings

ABSTRACT Radon gas is the most important source of natural radiation. Indoor radon concentration is the main path of human exposure to high radon concentration. Radon contribution from concrete block walls of typical Nigerian dwellings has been estimated from gamma ray spectroscopy measurements of radium concentration using generic equation. The radon concentrations varied from 11.27 Bq m-3 for a dwelling of dimensions 4.8 m × 4.8 m and 18.52 Bq m-3 for a dwelling of 3.6 m × 3.6 m...

Characterization Of Zn/Au Back Contact To Lowdoped P-Inp

Abstract. The mechanism behind the formation of alloyed ohmic contacts to p-type InP doped in the 1016 cm-3 range has been investigated. Techniques used for - characterising the contacts include the scanning electron microscope (SEM), specific contact resistance measurements, x-ray diffractometry (XRD), energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDAX) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES). Both temperature and time of annealing were varied during the study. The results obtained using our annealin...

Radiogenic Heat Production Distribution Of Soil Samples From Id1 Omo, Akinyele Ega, Oyo State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT The NaI(TI) gamma-ray spectrometer was employed to determine the concentration of the naturally occurring Potassium(K-40). Uranium(U-238) and Thorium(Th-232) vis-a-vis the radiogenic heat production in soil samples from Idi-Omo farmland area of Akinyele Local Government area of Oyo state. The farmland which is at Latitude 070 30' 26.3" and Longitude 003" 5 7' 2 1.9" covers an area of about 80,000 square meter, and is at an average elevation of 240m above mean sea level (ms...

Assessment Of Nequick Modelat Lagos,Nigeria Using GPS TEC

Abstract Diurnal variation of vertical total electron content (VTEC) over Lagos, Nigeria (6.52° N, 3.399 E, dip latitude 3.03° S) during low solar activity period (2010) and a comparison with NeQuick-model-derived VTEC, are presented in this paper. VTEC generally increases from 0600 h LT and reaches its maximum value at approximately 1400 to 1700 h LT during all months considered. Our result shows that NeQuick model provide a good prediction during daytime and nighttime at Lagos, a...

Effects Of Clay Content And Porosity On Wave Velocities In Unconsolidated Media Wing Empirical Relations

ABSTRACTWave velocities in sand stones are greatly influenced by porosity and clay contents.

Effect Of Porosity On Surface Of Drawdown In An Unsteady State Drainage In Porous Material

ABSTRACTThis work considered the unsteady state drainage of fluid from a vertical column of porous material of varying porosities in an attempt to verify 'variation of drawn dawn surface with porosity and time using riverbed sand. Kerosene was used as the flowing fluid: Mathematical assumptions ware made in connection with Ducy's law.

Modification Of Fluid Flow Equation In Saturated Porous Media

ABSTRACTExperimental investigations have shown that variation of porosity and hydraulic gradient are responsible for the deviations from Darcy's law, which is perfectly obeyed only when the fluid flow is laminar in porous media. Previous attempts to modify this equation considered only the effects of porosity of surface-active materials such as clay in causing deviations from Darcy's law. In this study, both the effect of porosity of any porous medium and hydraulic gradient from recent ex...

Dependence Of Thermophysical Properties Of Clay On Concentration Of Some Heavy Metals

ABSTRACT This paper presents the relationship between thermo f7hysical properties (thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity) and heavy metal concentration of some surface clay from six local governments in Ibaaun, oyo state, Nigeria. An atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) 1i1i)as used in analping the concentration of heavy metals present in each sample by .measuring the intensity of external radiation absorbed by the atom produced from the same sample at a wavelength characteristic...

The Effects of Porosity and Angle of Inclination on the Deflection of Fluid flow in Porous Media

ABSTRACTThe movement of contaminated fluid from a solid waste landfill into a portable water aquifier located beneath is an example of underground flow.

Modelling the flow of water in Stratified Layers of Sand

ABSTRACTThe phenomenon of detection of flow of water in porous media of different porosities with porosity ratio, is similar to the fact that there is deviation in fluid flow in a pair of media of different densities.

Geophysical Investigation of effects of Aba-Eku Public Refuse Dump Site in Ibadan (South-West Nigeria) on Groundwater Quality

ABSTRACTGeophysical method was used to investigate the effects of Aba-Eku public refuse dumpsite in Ibadan on groundwater quality.

Rodin Platform Why3 plug-in.

Abstract. We briefly present the motivation, architecture and usage experience as well as proof statistics for a new Rodin Platform proof back-end based on the Why3 umbrella prover. Why3 offers a simple and versatile notation as a common interface to a large number of automated provers including all the leading SMT-LIB and TPTP compliant tools. The plug-in can function either in a local mode when all the provers are installed locally, or remotely as a cloud service. We discuss the exper...

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