Generalized Charged Anisotropic Quark Star Models


We find new exact solutions to Einstein-Maxwell's field equation for charged anisotropic stellar objects. We use the linear equations of the state consistent with quark matter and metric function. In our model, we choose a new measure of anisotropy. Through the transformation of Einstein-Maxwell field equations, new solutions for charged anisotropic matter are obtained. The models generated enable us to regain previous isotropic and anisotropic results as a specific case. We regain exact anisotropic charged models for quark stars generated by Komathiraj and Maharaj, Maharaj, Sunzu, and Ray and exact models for charged anisotropic matter found by Sunzu and Danford, Mak and Harko and Misner and Zapolsky. The spacetime geometry in our model is considered to be static and spherically symmetrical. The solutions to Einstein-Maxwell field equations are found explicitly in terms of simple algebraic elementary functions. The gravitational potentials obtained together with electric field and matter variables are well behaved. Through our investigation we observe that the physical features for models generated in our performance are well behaved; these include energy conditions, speed of sound, and stability of the model via adiabatic index. We also generate masses and radii consistent with other observations.

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