Hinduism in Africa

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In presenting Hinduism in Africa, the essay limits itself to three important regions—East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania), Southern Africa (South Africa) and West Africa (Ghana). The reason for this limitation is that although there are Hindus throughout Africa presently as India begins to expand its trade with Africa, the three regions mentioned have come to represent the vibrant emergence of Hinduism on the African continent unparalleled with countries elsewhere in Africa. Contact between Africa and India is steeped not only in history and geography but also in mythology and folklore. In Paleogeography it is believed that once upon a time the two regions, Africa and the Indian subcontinent were part of one land mass known as Gondwana. According to Wikipedia, an Austrian scientist, Eduard Suess gave the name which is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word Gondavana (forest of the Gonds).

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