Key Components Of Film Script Construction


This study contended that love scenes, fight scenes, chase scenes and crowd scenes were essential components in film script writing. This study employed the Hollywood classical theory of film making. Hollywood classicism theoretical foundation is based, in many respects, on Freudian theory which rests on the principle of cause and effect where human action and interaction derive from psychological catalysts. The basic concern of this thesis was to determine if the components under study play a significant part in audience appreciation for Kenyan films. Three Kenyan films were selected for this study. The researcher randomly selected three Kenyan films from YOUTUBE based on the number of YOUTUBE subscribers who watched the films. According to YOUTUBE the following Kenyan films were viewed over a hundred thousand times by YOUTUBE subscribers: 1). The Roadside, directed by William Owusu and produced in 2015; 2). Jongo Love, produced and directed by Paul Ekuru and produced in 2015; and 3) Anasa produced in 2014, a Kenyan Riverwood Movie. These randomly selected films were used to observe the inclusion of the components and the frequencies of these components under study. The research employed both qualitative and quantitative methods. And the findings suggest that the components under study are essential variables which enhance the character of a film script. Of course, there are several components and techniques used by commercial film-makers which complement and supplement the components in this study, but observational exercises utilized by the researcher indicated that the components under study were ever present in All the Hollywood blockbusters. One, two, three or all the components under study were present and persistent in every successful Hollywood film production observed.

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