This research studies the logistics of distribution system in breweries 
( A case study of golden guinea breweries).
The research started with the background of the study in chapter one, statement of the petroleum, objective of the study, research question and  hypo significance of the study, scope, limitation and delimitation of the study and definition of terms
This is followed by chapter two which deals with the review of related literature
In chapter three I discussed the research design and methodology, selection of population and sample size instrument for data collection, research procedure and analysis techniques
Chapter four contains presentation and analysis of data.

Finally, chapter five dealt with findings conclusion and recommendations.


Title page
Table of content

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Objective of the study
1.4 Research Hypothesis
1.5 Significance of the study
1.6 Scope, Limitation and delimitation
1.7 Definition of terms
2.0 Review of literature
2.1 Genesis and scope of logistics of distribution system
2.2 Channel of distribution
2.3 Functions of Middlemen

3.0 Research design and methodology
3.1 Selection of population and sample size
3.2 Instrument for data collection
3.3 Data collection
3.4 Research procedure
3.5 Analysis techniques

4.0 Presentation and analysis
4.1 Test of hypothesis

5.0 Findings conclusion and recommendation
5.1 Findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations 


The distribution sector, up till today in the Nigerian commercial activities is left unused more or less by design than by ignorance the reason for this ugly trend of events cannot be dismissed from the fact that Nigerians still experience the seller market.
DR N.C. Nwaogwugwu observed as follows. The reason for the absence of marketing planning stems from the fact that products for distribution is channeled through established channel of distribution. The marketing manager simply allocates products to appointed distributor or co-operative societies an approved formula since demand is above the supply in most cases. There is no marketing problem encountered in the future. This is an example of the situation experienced in the developed economies.


Since 1970, Nigerian as a developing nation has been marketing an encouraging progress in the area of industrialization especially in the beer industry. Several brands of beer has been launched into the Nigerian market especially during the second republic under the administration of Alhaji Alieu Shehu Shagari
The means procedure and method of distributing of goods to reach the final consumer have posed some problems for the management of every firm in particular and the economy in general. By distribution, we mean an efficient movement of raw materials from supplier and financial goods from the end of the production to the customers.  The beer industry being part and parcel of our economy, more so as there are rapid growth of beer firms in the country. There is no way it can fully separate itself from nations economic depression. Therefore the following problems are identifiable: fair and dubious distribution of finished product to different parts of the country. For instance, how to supply the consumer resident in Northern part of the country with appropriate quantity of golden guinea beer which is brewed and bottled in the south in part.
The channel through which these finished products actually gets to the final users. The problem of producing the raw materials required for production purposed. The problems also concern the method or means through which such raw material is move from the suppliers to the manufacturers.
The inadequacy of raw materials and finished products has to a great extent motivated the researcher to make a serious study in that direction to find out ways by which raw materials can be distributed effectively to their raw materials can be distributed effectively increase in the price of goods and services which we have experiencing since the 1970’s distributive techniques. The ugly state of affair placed many firms in the state of commercial stagnation, as they cannot improve on their market shares. The co 1.3 in increase of price due to the ineffective logistical approach as they consumer are forced through against their will to limit their consumption to the available goods and services. By this study it is the intention of the researchers to suggest ways by which materials and finished products can be effectively distributed.
This is based on the belief that the study could help firms and industries in designing and implementing successful programmes in their logistics and distribution system.
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