Optimum Artificial Lift Selection for Condensate Gas Well

The reservoir characteristics of the gas condensate well is special and the changes of the behavior of the well have a significant impact to the production rate. When we do a proper optimization that can lower the operating costs, maximizing HC recovery and the net present value of a project can be increased. The optimization of the well level can be accomplished by adjusting well parameters such as tubing size, wellhead and the skin factor. All of these parameters were investigated with the using of a PIPESIM simulation software and the aid of a real field Thrace basin. Following the period changes, the history matching data is validated to identify potential predictions of the performance for the same reservoir deliverability, so to obtain the preferred production practices, we compare and validate the predicted results with the measured field data. Also, the results show that there is a 45% production rate reduction which is affected by the skin factor. When the reservoir pressure is reduced, the production rate will decrease around 70%. When manipulating the wellhead pressure, there is a slight decrease in production rate compared to tubing size, which does not indicate any major change.

There are several techniques for deliquification of wells, here we used artificial lift methods which are ESP and PSP in a well in Thrace basin suffering from condensate banking.

The gas rate was initially 0.518 mmscf/d

When using ESP gas rate increased to reach 2.3mmscf/d

When using PSP gas rate increased to reach 6.737 mmscf/d

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