Oral Health Status Of Young Adults In The Ga District

ABSTRACT An oral health survey was carried out among young adults in the Ga district to assess the oral health status of young adults in and out of school and to recommend types of treatment needed. A stratified random sample of young adults 1 5 -3 2 years old was selected from rural and urban Senior Secondary Schools and the communities. Questionnaires were administered by Ccommunity Health Nurses after which oral examinations and recording of data was carried out by the principal investigator assisted by eight final year dental students. A calibration exercise was undertaken in order to assess the reliability of the results obtained. A mean DMFT of 0.63 was obtained with a caries free prevalence of 73.3%. The decayed component accounted for most of the DMFT. The proportion of young adults with healthy periodontal condition was low i.e. 13%. Eighty-six percent (86%) had poor oral hygiene/calculus deposits. The tooth-brush was found to be the most common cleaning implement. The prevalence of mal-occlusion was low i.e. 7.8%, and the perception of badly arranged teeth was even lower - 1.6%. Fractured anterior teeth were few - 2.7%. This study clearly shows the Ga district as disadvantaged in terms of availability of oral health care. It serves as a reliable basis of information on which oral health care services may be provided in the district. Recommendations are made for the institution of intensive oral health education and promotion at the community level. A dental clinic is recommended for fillings, prosthesis and other forms of secondary treatment, in the medium term

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