Organizational Behaviors Management And Functionality Evaluation


Organizational Behaviors Management and Functionality Evaluation in Ministry of Urban Planning - Khartoum State The important role played by the organizations' and corporations' which is manifested in products and services they deliver has led to the importance of understanding and studying of the individuals behavior because they represent the basic element of the organizing elements. Since the human element in any organization is the basic and vital element in performing its activities and achieving its objectives and its continuity, therefore he represents the basic foundation for the organizing behavior field to improve the management level and making the individuals and groups more productive and more satisfied in work and raising the organizing efficiency and developing the functional performance in our organizations.

The ministry of Urban Planning Khartoum State was chosen as one of our Development corporation in the engineering field as a sample for studying to be able to benefit from the different organizational behavior in a practical way in developing administration, and raising the performance level and finding the reasons and barriers of functional satisfaction for those working there.

The study population represents all those working in the different engineer departments in the ministry including the management directors, head of departments and engineers. The sample was chosen using the Stratified Random Sample method. The total population of the sample was distributed to seven strata that represent those working at the headquarters of the ministry and its branches. The tool for data collection was Questionnaire consisting of three divisions, every division contains group of questions directed immediately to the workers to inquire about their feelings and opinions towards so many work and self-related issues overall. The statistical program SPSS was used in data analysis and delivering results and generalize it on the study population.

The most important results that was drawn from the research was knowing the reasons that leads to the feeling of dissatisfaction amongst the employees which included : not allowing renewal and creativity through job performance, the promotion system was dissatisfactory, freedom of


expression was not available , work conditions and the physical environment were not suitable , supervising and directing style from the administration was not satisfactory , the organizational structure of the ministry was not clear , job responsibilities was changeable from time to time, slow communication process between the different departments inside and outside the ministry , injustice in distribution of bonuses , lack of experience acquiring methods and the dependence on personal effort in most cases , lack of definite system of training opportunities distribution and the lack of effective evaluation system for the job performance at the ministry.

The success of any organization depends on the success of activating the human resource or element and improving his performance, therefore it is the administration's duty not to only concentrate on reaching its formal goals or performing the job activities only but it must at the time concentrate on the individual and his personality by trying to satisfy his needs that is represented in creating better working conditions , allowing more chances for renewal and creativity and allowing freedom of expression , justice in distributing bonuses , allowing the opportunity to participate in decision making and else. The Human element in any organization is the basic and effective element in implementing its activities and achieving its goals and its continuity.

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