Problem and Prospect of Inter- Cultural Marriage in Nigeria

ABSTRACT The research examines the place of inter-cultural marriage in the context of marriage been a universally acknowledged and very important institution in human society, as it is the foundation of group life and a requirement for human survival. The historical research methodology was adopted and the research utilized both primary and secondary sources of data collection. While the primary source of data collection was derived through oral interview from sensible individuals, on the subject matter. The secondary sources focused on journals and textbooks relevant to the research topic. Then it was discovered that despite the wide acknowledgement and ideas about the nature of intercultural marriage; its process, its purpose and other involvements such as its scope, vary. Also, it was observed that the practice of intercultural marriage in Nigeria, albeit a welcome development, has opened up a plethora of issues which demand serious attention such as language barrier, culture shock and family acceptance. With these problems, inter-cultural marriages suffer from divorce, unbalanced cultural development in children and intrafamily crises. Finally, it contends that only through social, cultural and religious prospects can inter-cultural marriages -in the light of the current socio-cultural trends in Nigeria -survive in contemporary times.


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Abstract viii

Table of Contents ix

Chapter One – Introduction 1

1.1 Background of the Study 1

1.2 Statement of the Problem 2

1.3 Purpose of the Study 4

1.4 Significance of the Study 4

1.5 The Scope of the Study 5

1.6 Research Methodology 6

1.7 Definition of Terms 6

Chapter Two: Literature Review 9

2.1 Theory of Marriage 9

2.2 Comparative Marriage Systems 13

2.3 Choice of Spouses 18

2.4 Marriage in Nigeria 22

Chapter Three: Problems of Inter-cultural Marriage in Nigeria. 25

3.1 Language Barrier 25


3.2 Culture Shock 27

3.3 Family Acceptance 34

Chapter Four: Effects of Inter-cultural Marriage in Nigeria 38

4.1 Divorce 38

4.2 Unbalanced cultural development in children 39

4.3 Intra-family crisis 41

Chapter Five: Prospects of Inter-cultural Marriage in Nigeria 43

5.1 Social Prospects 43

5.1.1 Acceptance of Inter-cultural Marriage 43

5.1.2 Resiliency in Inter-cultural Marriage 45

5.2 Cultural Prospects 47

5.2.1 Cultural Belonging 48

5.2.2 Cultural Literacy and Adaptability 49

5.2.3 Cultural Empathy 50

5.3 Religious Prospects 51

Chapter Six: Summary and Conclusion 53

6.1 Summary of the Findings 53

6.2 Contribution to Knowledge 54

6.3 Recommendations 55

6.4 Suggestions for Further Research 57

Bibliography 59

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