Psychological Effects Of Affirmative Action


The present study was conducted within the qualitative research paradigm with the aim to explore the psychological aspects of affirmative action in the Namibian context. It was against this background that Attribution Theory was used as a framework for the investigation of affirmative action. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, thus interview guidelines were developed, one for the target group members and one for non-target group members. The interviews were evaluated with Qualitative Content Analysis. The participants in the present study consisted of six affirmative action target and four non-target group members at middle or high management level. They were chosen through judgmental or purposive sampling method. The results of this study were reported under six categories such as general perception about affirmative action, experience of affirmative action at the workplace, emotional reactions towards affirmative action, stigmatization and coping, self-perception/self-evaluation and perception of affirmative action appointees. The main conclusions drawn from this study were that the majority of the interviewees felt that associations with affirmative action affect impressions of an individual’s work orientation and effectiveness. It was also found that the interviewees believed that affirmative action could eliminate discrimination if implemented fairly but yet can perpetuate another form of discrimination. The results were presented based on attempts of interpretation and recommendations for creating more insight in the psychological aspects of affirmative action in employment. 

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