Quality Services And Business Performance, A Case Study Of Eagle Box Investment Company Ltd Kampala- Uganda

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An appropriate quality services system can determine the survival or failure of a business B. George p. dove (1993) principle of management, john Wiley Andersons (2004) contend that a comprehensive service makes it possible for entrepreneurs to achieve their set objectives that show the current condition of the business and need to cover all aspects of the organization as a whole. It helps to ensure quality service delivery and ensure that the enterprise complies with laws and regulations and their consequences. According to towers (1995) in an article service controls and their matters explains that, service controls are controls within the organization which are used to minimize risk of tends and errors as well as detect when they occur. It helps an entity get to where it wants to go and avoid pitfalls and supplies along the way. Wright (1998) suggests that, the nature of quality services system provides the foundation for monitoring and measuring progress for the business and they the entrepreneurs should be involved in the setting up an effective quality services policies which are critical in managing the day to day operations of a business that includes consistent quality services management. Bowman .E. H (1963) revealed that in small and medium businesses, quality services delivery is always in short supply as a result investments may not materialize at the require time. Effective quality services can help in achieving the objectives, but can not automatically ensure organization success .this organization has collapsed due to mishandling of the machine operators that can ensure quality services delivery. Therefore organization should introduce appropriate controls to prevent or substantially reduce intentional and unintentional errors in the company's operations so as to enable efficient and effective performance of the organization. Eagle Box Investments (U) Limited was established in 2007. It has involved being one of the fastest growing company providing similar services within Nasser Road Kampala Uganda. The company provides the general public with the following services Graphic designing, offset printing, large format printing and general stationery supply, we have attained enviable and loyalty in the whole district. Trevit (2004) commented that small institutions or companies prefer the unskilled personnel simply because they are lowly remunerated and so doing help to cut 1 down their costs. By the fact that business performance is mainly determined by individuals, this is the reason why commitment human resource firms seek to recruit employees with the capability and willingness to provide the passionate effort. Employing the skilled personnel also posses whether the performance of the organization will be improved. As Maroon (2003) commented, they have the problem the pride. He gave the example of Vince Visone a professional in men's fashion department. Vision new that the he was the only person the organization could rely on and therefore managed to absent himself as he wished. They made the projected profits drop drastically by 30% leading to retrenchment of Employees as the company could not afford to meet he employee's monthly expenses. According to Wiley and Sons (2004) a quality service is the foundation, this concept is the mortar prospects want to know what us in it for them. As such your marketing effmts are less about your business than they are about your prospects, clients or customers. A good plan will enable you to effectively demonstrate why your clients should choose you over your competitors. During the planning process, you are going to leam who your clients are; what they like and dislike, how to reach them, and how to show them that you are the best of the best. Your marketing plan will include your market research; your competition, branding and positioning the product or service you are selling and pricing, distribution and promotion. Truth to be told, it is simply not enough to be good at what you do. I am sure you have encountered people with less those stellar professional abilities who are getting loads of gigs. Why? Well, odds are, they are better marketers. They may not keep clients over the long haul, but they are dam good at reeling them in. together, we are going to by creating a solid marketing plan that promotes your great abilities. You might be the best at then that shingle you hung up is going to come tumbling down. 

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