Recruitment And Selection Practices In The Navy


Recruitment and selection as a human resource management function, is one of the activities that impact most critically on the performance of an organisation. It has an important role to play in ensuring worker performance and positive organisational outcomes. This study seeks to examine the recruitment and selection practices in Ghana Navy. A descriptive survey design was used for the study and data were obtained from thirty team leaders responsible for recruitment and selection in the Ghana Navy, using questionnaires.

The results show that respondents understood and adhered to all the steps of the organisational policy of the Ghana Navy. Also, the recruitment strategies used were in line with the equal employment policy and external medium of advertisement were preferred to the internal medium of advertisement. Selection of new employees was also solely based on the results of the assessment tools. Instructions for selection were also mostly given to respondents from their seniors. Furthermore, respondents were not always included in the panel that conducts the interviews for the final selection of new recruits and were not ultimately responsible for the selection of new recruits at their units.

In a nutshell, respondents exhibited a quite positive recruitment and selection practices. However, it is recommended Ghana Navy should give quality education and training to team leaders concerning recruitment and selection policy of the Ghana Navy and team leadership.

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