Research Paper on Hand Sanitizer


The 15th of October has been decreed a day to focus on germs specifically. It’s the germs on our hand that are in the firing line .The world health organization estimates that 3.5 million children die from diarrhea and lower respiratory tract infections each year. That’s why global hand washing day was decreed. Sanitation of hand has a great effect on the wellbeing of life in general. By maintaining ones sanitation different kind of diseases which are caused by contact can be prevented. The main thing there is seeking the simplest and best way of sanitizing system. Its known that most things on human activity contain had action, so it can be easily observe that hands are exposed to different disease causing pathogens. It is well documented that the most important measure of preventing the spread of pathogens is effective hand washing. But for countries like Ethiopia the availability of water even in the capital is not satisfactory and not easily when observing Jimma the society is strongly for the drinking water rather that other water involved activities like keeping sanitation of the body this paper is intended to seek a solution to this problem by introducing and showing the preparation of hand sanitize. By this way the society can prevent disease caused by dirty hand ad since this had sanitizes are capable of removing pathogens 99% the society can be prevented from pathogens and the well-being of the society can be improved and since the availability of the raw material is easy it can be done in house level with creating awareness. 

Table of Contents

Executive summary


1.1     Introduction

1.2 Statement of the problem

1.3 Objective

1.3.1 General objective

1.3.2 Specific objective

1.4 Significance of the study


1. Literature review

2.1 Over view

2.2 Types of Hand Sanitizers (Antibacterial Gels)

2.2.1 Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Gels

2.2.2 Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Gels

2.3 Types of Ingredients in hand sanitizers (Antibacterial Gels)

2.3.1 Inactive Ingredients in Antibacterial Gels

2.3.2 Active Ingredient



3.1 Methods and procedures

3.2. Raw material and their description

3.2.1 Ethanol

3.2.2 Aloe Vera oil

3.2.3 Cinnamon essential oil

3.2.4 Glycerin

3.3 List of Equipment

3.4 Process flow diagram

3.5 Process description


4. Result and discussion

4.2 Characterization of the finding

4.2.1 Characterization using alcohol content

4.2.2 Characterization using viscosity


5. Conclusion and recommendation



List of Figures

Figure 1 : ingredients

Figure 2 : Aloe Vera gel

Figure 3: Agitated Aloe Vera gel

Figure 4 : Prepared samples

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