Store Management System To JIT

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My project is to improve JIT store management system from manual to automated system.   Which is used to avoid problem faced by store keeper when store material manually. Store is the place where many varieties of materials are kept for the purpose of work. So at a time of storage is hard to write in document all material listing by their name, id, model, price and quantity; and is also boring to search specific material from whole material for human being but is easy for computer that loaded with a program called store management to JIT. The program contain add frame to add new material by their name, id, model, price, quantity, a gene calculating total price that means unit price times quantity, date of registered, month, and year. The other one is search frame to search material by name or by id. When the store kipper search the materials either the name or id. The third is view frame to view all material stored. Another is delete frame to delete released material from store. When the store kipper to release the material from the store clicking on the delete frame the system asks the materials name and materials id, entering the materials name and id it deleted. When the materials id or materials name is incorrectly the message dialog show that there is no material in this name and in this id on the message box. The other was logout button. When the person (store kipper) finished the work he must be logout. The last one was exit, used to exit the frame directly.

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