Student industrial work experience report at Nigerian Bottling Company, Asejire


The students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is a skill impacting program designed to expose and prepare students of universities and other tertiary institutions for the industrial work situation that may be encountered after school. My SIWES program was undertaken at Nigeria Bottling Company limited, Asejire plant, Ibadan; a company that deals with the manufacturing of non-alcoholic beverage products such as Coca-Cola, limca, Fanta orange etc. The company has various sections such as; production section, quality assurance section and supply chain section. I had the opportunity to work in the quality assurance section and production line. The quality assurance section consists of quality assurance main laboratory, water treatment plant, syrup room, microbiologist laboratory and effluent treatment plant. The quality assurance main laboratory is where most quality control analyses are being carried out and they include beverage brix analysis, carbonation analysis, dissolved oxygen test and so on. Each section has different analyses carried out and they are well explained in this report. Finally, I conclude that SIWES program has made me to acquire more practical knowledge and gave me an insight to the theoretical works earlier done in school. I recommend that students should be paid stipends to make them enjoy the training and school supervisors should be visiting students at their place of attachments from time to time to make them concentrate more on it.


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CHAPTER ONE: General Introduction to Student’s Industrial Work Experience                                      Scheme (SIWES).                                                                             

Introduction to SIWES program      

            1.1       scope and aims of SIWES and objective of SIWESreport                            1

                        1.1.1    Scope                                                                                                1

                        1.1.2    Aims                                                                                                 2

                        1.1.3    Objectives of SIWES report                                                               3                                                                       

CHAPTER TWO: Brief history of Nigeria Bottling Company and her production                                     processes                                                                                           

Brief history of Nigeria Bottling Company                                                                        4

            2.1       Brief history of Nigeria Bottling Company Asejire plant                               5

            2.2       Sections and their function in Nigeria Bottling Company Asejire plant       7

            2.3       Nigeria Bottling Company products and marketing                                       10

            2.4       Materials used in beverages production in Nigeria Bottling Company          11

            2.5       General safety precautions in the plant                                                           13


CHAPTER THREE:            Quality Assurance and Production Line                            

Quality Assurance department                                                                                              16

3.1       Water treatment plant                                                                                                   16

3.1.1     Water treatment process                                                                                 17

3.1.2       Chemical analysis carried out in water treatment plant                                              22

3.2       Quality Assurance Main Laboratory                                                                            31

3.2.1       Quality assurance operations                                                                                     31

3.2.2       Analysis performed on finished beverages                                                    32

3.3       Syrup room                                                                                                                    43

            3.3.1      Preparation of simple syrup                                                                           44

            3.3.2       Preparation of final syrup                                                                               45

3.4       Effluent treatment plant (ETP)                                                                                       46

            3.4.1       Effluent treatment process                                                                              46

            3.4.2       Equipments used in the effluent treatment plant                                             47

            3.4.3       Chemical analysis on effluent water                                                                            51


3.5       Microbiology laboratory                                                                                                 54

            3.5.1       Equipment used in the microbiology laboratory                                              54

            3.5.2       Agar applications in beverage analysis                                                            56

            3.5.3       Methods of applying beverages on agar plates                                                             58

            3.5.4                  Microbial analysis in beverage industry                                                           59

3.6       Production section                                                                                                         61

            3.6.1        Blending and Carbonation                                                                              62

            3.6.2                   Returnable glass bottles preparation                                                                 63

            3.6.3        Mixing chamber                                                                                              64

            3.6.4        Washing machine                                                                                           65

            3.6.5         Bottle inspection point                                                                                   66

            3.6.6         Filling room                                                                                                               67

            3.6.7          Cleaning and sanitation                                                                                 68

                           Sanitation operations during production period                                     68

CHAPTER 4:Conclusion and Recommendation

4.1        Conclusion                                                                                                                     73

4.2        Recommendation                                                                                                            73

References                                                                                                              75                                                                                  


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