It is widely recognized and accepted that the quality of leadership always has some effect on the school effectiveness. The role
of Educational Management in this regard can hardly be overemphasized. A head teacher, who should be an educational manager, is involved in the
following important areas: overall school administration, the curriculum,leadership and human relations, community relations and working
relationships. He or she strives to enforce traditions for efficiency, effectiveness and quality, and these should be reflected in the school life. In order to
achieve this, the head teacher must have adequate academic and professional qualifications, a full knowledge of the methods and techniques of
educational practice, sound knowledge of school finance, ability to understand the needs of the teaching staff, pupils, parents and the support staff.
In a nutshell, the head teacher should have a good understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. These are some of the things that we
wish to enunciate in this paper. Before we delve into the task areas or duties incorporated into educational management, we shall begin by providing
a definition of the enterprise.

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