The Economics Of Crude Oil Stabilization


Estimating the gas/VOC emissions from oil and gas producing equipments has been a goal which the industry and regulatory agencies have spent a great deal of study and effort to contend with. This research estimated the flashing losses of gas/VOC emission from conventional atmospheric storage tanks to the atmosphere using Vasquez-Beggs Equation (VBE). Using VBE confirmed observed losses experienced in the industry as is represented in a graph showing the losses. It went further to quantify the revenue losses as a result of these flashing losses. It also investigated measures that can drastically reduce the emission to it’s barest minimum. Some of the measures found to recover these VOC/gas emissions include viz; Optimizing separator operating pressures, Vapor recovery system, Liquid petroleum confinement system and Optimizing stage flashing separation for optimum recovery of reservoir fluid. The significance of this research is such that if the above measures are implemented, it will reduce drastically the hazardous air pollutants (HAP) to catchment area and boost revenue to the industry players and revenue earners.

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