The Koforidua Archives: A Historical Study

ABSTRACT This thesis is a historical study of the Eastern Regional branch of the Public Records and Archives Administration Department conveniently referred to in this work as Koforidua Archives. It emphasises important issues such as acquisition, preservation practices, human resource development, storage and environmental conditions which are critical for archival management and historical enquiry. The history of many of the people in the Eastern Region of Ghana is embodied in the documentary heritage that is found in the archives. The study adopted the qualitative approach with archival sources, interviews and observations as the main instruments in eliciting responses. Findings revealed that in the Koforidua Archives, there are more files relating to the Akwamu and Akyem as opposed to that of the New Juabeng, Akwapim, Kwahu and the Krobo. However most of these documents dealt more on the subject of political affairs of the various groupings in the Eastern Region of Ghana. There were also weaknesses in the management of the Koforidua Archives. Gaps and weakness were particularly prominent in the areas of acquisition, storage, human resource capacity and preservation practices. This thesis recommends digitisation as a way of preventing further deterioration of the documentary heritage in the Koforidua Archives. 

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