Faecal Analysis of Domestic Dogs For Zoonotic Helminthes in Bwari Area Council, F.C.T Abuja.

Dogs are the most common pet animals worldwide, providing companionship, security and a source of dietary protein. Zoonotic helminthes of dogs is a global problem particularly in the developing countries and these dogs, regardless of their benefits, pose a public health risk as they are potential carriers of some pathogens. This study attempted to bridge the dearth of information on the prevalence of zoonotic helminthes of domestic dogs in Bwari Area Council and to establish some of the risk factors that may be associated with endoparasitism.  Fecal samples were collected between April to July 2019 to determine the prevalence of zoonotic helminthes in the area. A total of 210 dogs were sampled.  Faecal samples were examined using standard flotation and sedimentation techniques to examine for the presence of helminthes ova. The overall prevalence of helminth parasites was 49.52%, and single helminth infections were as follows: Ancylostoma caninum (30.48%), Toxocara canis (8.10%), Dipylidium caninum (6.19%), Trichuris vulpis (3.81%) and Taenia spp(0.95%).In this study, mixed infections with more than one helminth parasite species were found in 16.34% of the cases. A strong association was observed between prevalence and age of the dogs, with younger dogs having higher rate of infection than older dogs.  The presence of the zoonotic helminths   indicates that dogs play an important epidemiological role as reservoirs of infections in the area. Moreover, routine treatment of dogs with anthelminthic drugs was not a common practice and   public awareness regarding parasites of zoonotic importance was limited. Therefore,interventions that include mass enlightenment of dog owners on the need for regular veterinary attention and restriction of stray dogs through legislative formulation and enforcement are recommended as possible control measures.



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1.0                   INTRODUCTION                                                                                  1

1.1                   Background to the study                                                                           1  

1.2                   Statement of the problem                                                                          2              

1.3                   Justification of the problem                                                                       3

1.4                   Aims and Objectives                                                                                  4

1.5                   Scope and Limitations of the study                                                           4



2.0                    LITERATURE REVIEW                                                                          5

2.1                   Dog domestication and relationship to man                                                  5

2.2                   Dog population in the world                                                                           6

2.3                   Helminths                                                                                                        6

2.3.1                Nematodes                                                                                                      7

2.3.2                Cestodes                                                                                                         13

2.3.3                Trematodes                                                                                                     15

2.3.4                Acanthocephalans ( Thorny headed worms)                                                               17

2.4                   Laboratory Diagnosis of  Dog Helminthes                                                      17      

2.5                   Treatment of Dog Helmithes                                                                          18

2.6                   Control of Dog Helminthes                                                                            19

2.7                   Zoonoses                                                                                                         19



3.0                   MATERIALS AND METHODS                                                                23

3.1                   Study area                                                                                                       23

3.2                   Sample Collection                                                                                           25       

3.3                   Parasitological analysis                                                                                   25

3.3.1                Simple Flotation Technique                                                                            26

3.3.2                Wet Mount Preparation                                                                                  27

3.3.3                Sedimentation Technique                                                                               27



4.0                   RESULTS                                                                                                       28




5.1                   Discussion                                                                                                           35

5.2                   Conclusion                                                                                                          40

5.3                   Recommendations                                                                                              40

REFERENCES                                                                                                                        41

APPENDIX                                                                                                                               45






4.1       Overall prevalence of zoonotic helminthes in domestic dogs in Bwari Area Council                                                                                    4. 2       Overall prevalence of zoonotic helminthes in dogs in relation to sex in Bwari Area Council                                                                      4. 3       Overall prevalence of zoonotic helminthes of dogs in Bwari Area Council in relation to sex and specie                                                4. 4       Multiple infection detected among positive samples of dog faeces in Bwari Area Council                                                                      4. 5       Overall prevalence of zoonotic helminthes in relation to age group and sex of dogs in Bwari Area Council                                          4.6       Overall prevalence of zoonotic helminthes of dogs in Bwari Area Council in relation to age and specie                                                                      


Figure                                                                                                                                     Page

2. 1      Ancylostoma caninum segmented eggs                                                                       9

2. 2      Toxocara canis                                                                                                              9

2. 3      Toxocara canis unsegmented eggs                                                                              10

2.4       Lifecycle of hookworms in dogs                                                                                10                       

2. 5             Characteristic whip shape of Trichuris vulpis                                                 11

2. 6      Lifecycle of Trichuris vulpis                                                                                       12

 2.7      Trichuris vulpis eggs                                                                                                   13

2. 8      Life cycle of tape worms in dogs                                                                               15

2. 9      Life cycle of Schistosoma mansoni in animals including man                                    16

 3.1      Map showing Bwari Area council                                                                               24

 3.2      Atlas showing dog helminth ova                                                                                26


Plates                                                                                                                     Page

 4.1  Ancylostoma caninum ova                                                                                  45

4.2  Toxocara canis ova                                                                                               46

4.3  Dipylidium caninum ova                                                                                       47

4.4   Trichuris Vulpis                                                                                        48

4.5   Taenia spp ova                                                                                                     49      


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