Urban Design of Open Common Spaces in Khartoum State

Abstract Open urban spaces in residential areas in Khartoum; suffer from severe neglect and violation because of the obvious infringement and desertion, so it is not used for cultural, social, recreational and environmental purposes which are supposed to achieve as required. Open urban spaces established in order to gain a unique situation and realize beauty, elegance and glory in urban interfaces and create pleasant, beautiful and comfortable places to perform a range of useful activities that serve the human being (population), but in order to achieve that purpose, there must be a perfect cooperation between the population and users and the competent authorities. The research deals with analysis and criticism of the current situation of problems and crisis of open urban areas in Khartoum Greater and Omdurman. We have dealt with the matter by scientific entrance to the problems of urban areas in the three cities, and this research calls for a right scientific methodology in establishing, plan and design of these areas according to the function performed. The research is includes the identification and subject of the research which is the urban design of open space (case study of samples in Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman). The methodology followed in this research is analytical, descriptive, criticism and case study methods. The statement of the problem of the research there is no urban development in the three cities, and this is clear in the streets, buildings, landscape, open space and transport. The research concluded the result that most of open space had been partially violated, resulting in change of the purpose. The research recommends developing laws that protect and take care of open space from violation.

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