If you are a researcher or scholar who has written quality research papers I bet one of the major concerns you have include the best way to publish/distribute your research.

Today there are of course many options for an author who wishes to publish his research papers. There are the journals (open and paid access) and several other online academic research platforms to take advantage.

So why consider Afribary?

First if you are a researcher working on Africa focused research Afribary is about the first platform you should consider putting up your work in. It connects African researchers and gives their work the maximum exposure within and outside Africa.

We highlight below some of the best advantages of publishing your research papers on Afribary 

1.   It’s Free!

A lot of good online publishing platforms for research (including journals) charge a fee to submit and publish papers. Afribary gives you the chance to publish unlimited number of works absolutely free of charge.

And it even gets better

2.  You Can Get Financial Value for Your Work

Researchers (as producers of value) should have the option to choose whether they want monetary value for their work or not. Most platforms don’t give researchers that possibility. On Afribary once your work is adjudged good enough you can actually place a small access fee to be paid by anyone who wishes to download and use your work. You can also absolutely publish them free for anyone to use. It’s your choice to make

3. Up to date Data on Your Research

You can choose to see how many citations, downloads, views etc your research papers get. All from your dashboard. Manage all your research in one place

Why not head over straight away and create a researcher account to start publishing your research

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