Looking for interesting and new research topics in history and international relations for your academic project or dissertation?

We have compiled some refreshing research project topics in this field you can take on. Even better there are some excellent research projects and materials on these topics you can consult to aid your research.

Without much ado check the history and international relations project topics below;

  1. The Impact of Globalization on Economic Growth: Nigeria as a Case Study: This is a 56 page research project investigating the impact of recent and ongoing globalisation on the economy of nations using Nigeria as a case study.
  2. The Role of International Court of Justice in the Settlement of International Dispute (A Case Study of Bakassi Peninsula Conflict 1993 – 2002): This work (84 pages) takes a look at dissecting the role of the ICJ with a case study of the conflict between Nigeria and Cameroon regarding the Bakassi Peninsula.
  3. Boko Haram and Socio-Political Changes in the Northern Part of Nigeria: Boko Haram is a major dent in Nigeria’s socio-political landscape and will remain an interesting research area for political, history and international relations students. This project takes a look the terrorist organisation has had in the Northern part of Nigeria.
  4. The Economic Importance of Cocoa in Nigeria Economy (1900 – 1970): Cocoa played a great economic role in Nigeria’s economy for many years. This 64 page research project dissects the role this crop played in the Nigerian economy for the period 1900 – 1970.
  5. The Socio-Economic History of Egbaland (2000 – 2010): This work studies the history of the people of Egbaland in present day Abeokuta in Ogun State.
  6. United States and the Gaza War of 2014: The project looks at the role of the United States in the Gaza War in the Middle east.
  7. The Implication of Human Trafficking on Nigeria’s Foreign Relation: A Case Study of Edo State: This research work examines the impact and implications of human and sex trafficking on Nigeria with focus on the Edo sex trade and human trafficking channels
  8. The Origin And Growth Of Elu Ohafia In Present Day Abia State Since 1900

Find more interesting research works in history and international relations here

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