Essay writing has become a common and well known assessment procedure in all fields of study and academic works in all Higher Institutions in Nigeria.

At every point in an academic pursuit, facing an essay writing situation in form of assignments, papers, seminars and projects is inevitable and a sine-qua-non.

Much of your Higher Education work will be assessed by essay writing-whether that is an essay you prepare in your own time over a period of days or weeks or one you concoct in an examination hall in a space of two hours.

It follows therefore that if you learn how to prepare, Know the nitty-gritty of the organisation of essay writing, also know how to present essays, you will do better in your Higher education studies overall and personally too.

It is also pertinent to note that every essay writing will have an introduction at the beginning and a conclusion at the end. The Introduction is the Attention grabber,a well written introduction will captivate the reader to read the essay till the last word in it. The body is an essential part. It should be written in paragraphs, each containing sole points. At the other end, Conclusion is your last chance to make your case, you try to encapsulate while rephrasing the salient points in the body to convince your supervisor to share your view. The conclusion is the Call to Action-Your supervisor either gives you a good grade(Pass) or flings your paper and you fail.

Despite the fact that William Shakespeare said, “the Pen is mightier than the Sword”, the pen in itself is not enough to make an effective essay writer. Yes!

Tips on Essay writing to earn you good grades:

Clarity– There is need for legibility and if you have a bad unreadable handwriting, you have to quickly take handwriting classes to improve your handwriting skills. Do you know a good handwriting will earn you extra marks? Well, yes it will.

More Analysis-More Marks– Driving your point home is very essential, this means linking up your thesis, results and evidence will earn you more marks. It is easy to write what you think, but much harder to produce data that backs up your argument, so nobody wants to hear what you think without adequate prove to back up your claims. This calls for need to analyze your stands as elaborately as possible. Sure when you do, you earn more marks.

Do not deviate from the subject– It is essential you write your points in paragraphs and be careful not to wander off the subject being written about and the point you are currently expanding in a paragraph. Always have the topic in the forefront of any point noted. Present your position and remain on track.Precision will earn you all the point.

Flexibility- Do not be rigid, high handed or hold to a high esteem your personal views. Create room for adjusting your views, remember many people have written this topic before you and presented evidences to back up their claims. Search up these views (google is your friend) and find a base for all your arguments.

Do not rush– Often times, Students rush to finish essays in good time always forgetting that it is never how fast you finish but how well you wrote and did justice to the essay. Cultivate the habit of thinking before putting pen to paper. Understand the topic very well and then you flow. Thinking before writing will do the magic in your writing and as well influence your grades.

Plagiarism– Do not cheat. Do not copy people’s work without acknowledging them. Adding references to your work will boast the originality of it. There is need for you to cite your references at the end of your essay writing.

Writing style– Link up your sentences so it indicates when there is a change from one idea to the next. Be consistent in your lines and spacing. Choose your words carefully. Dot your i and cross your t. Your target reader(s) will put you on course in shaping your writing language and especially not to sound too robotic and formal in presenting your position.

If you adhere to these aforementioned tips carefully mapped for you, You are sure to ace that Project, Examination, Assignment, Term paper and Essay.

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