Differences Between Qualitative Research Data and Quantitative Research Data Explained

Some Researchers, publishers and authors are still risking and killing research works by stashing them in University library shelves, littering them on faculty corridors and in rear scenarios, dumping research works done by graduate students in community waste bins.

So, Afribary is calling on all Researchers, authors and publishers who have a huge appetite to see their works internationally cited to upload their works on Afribary.com

The reason for making all research works go digital is to make them easily accessible to researchers anywhere in the world who seek African literature.

Digital Reading is in its break even period. Hardcovers are being transitioned into e-books and other digital formats. You should not be left behind, the time of information hoarding is obsolete. Upload your works and share your knowledge with researchers around the world.

The declining prestige of hardcover books, coupled with the preponderance of Tablets, phablets and large screen phones makes it easier for Students to access a variety of academic resources during research writing. Information which hitherto was found in assembling many heavy hardcover books can now be accessed on Afribary.com with a little token.

In conclusion, To solely market your research could be hideously expensive, publishing with an academic library gives you an edge and reduces cost. Researchers are always going to cite as many works in a concept as they can see.

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