Africa MBA Scholarships: The Bertha MBA Scholarships covers full and partial costs of the MBA programme at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Graduate School of Business for African candidates committed to social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Bertha Centre offers MBA Scholarships to students that have met the requirements for the MBA programme and who are driven by their pursuit in social or green ventures.

The focus will be on encouraging selected MBA students to fully realise projects and business ideas that make a real positive impact on society. Bertha Scholars will also have access to communities and to mentors to build on their ideas and create companies.

Africa MBA Scholarships Eligibility

The criteria used for selection of Bertha Scholars are:

  1. Candidates must be South African / African Citizens and a Permanent Resident for at least 1 year.
  2. Candidates must have started or worked in an entrepreneurial social or green venture, or have worked on sustainable social business strategies within an organisation for at least one year.
  3. Candidates must demonstrate a strong moral character, strong entrepreneurial drive, a track record of action, leadership qualities, traits of social activism and a commitment to the sustainable development of emerging economies.
  4. Through the submission of an essay, candidates must show how the MBA at this stage in their career will help to accelerate their impact and how it will contribute to the wider creation of value for society.
  5. Candidates must demonstrate some need for the scholarship, through either previous work experience, personal background or demonstrated commitment to start a social venture, which make self-funding the MBA a significant burden.

How to apply for MBA Scholarships for Africans at UCT

  1. Candidates must first be eligible and apply for the MBA programme  at the UCT Graduate School of Business. For full details about the MBA programme, eligibility, criteria and how to apply, see the links below.
  2. Interested candidates should submit the Bertha Scholarship Application Form (available online) together with their UCT MBA application number received from the GSB Admissions Office.

For more information and scholarship application, see;

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