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If you are the type that always prefer to do transactions online and save yourself the stress of going to the bank and probably standing on a cue then this is for you.

What is a Token? This is a small hardware device that the owner carries to authorize access to a network service. You need a Token to process payments online. You can obtain your own Token from any branch of your bank.

You need a Token for:

Transferring money from your account to other banks.
Generating secure codes
Conducting FX transfers
Processing Cash/Draft In transit
Making FX Sales e.t.c

The token always generates a random code for every transaction thereby making it impossible for another person to carry out online transactions from your account.
There is no need to visit your bank (branch). With a token you can carry out online transactions anywhere in the world.

You can send money to family and friends and make payments from a computer and web-enabled mobile phones.
The token is the latest in banking security technology which uses a 128 bit data encryption to protect your account details

Note: When conducting any of the transactions listed above, you will be required to input a code in a defined field to validate and conclude the transaction. This code can be generated by clicking the button on the device (Token).

Learn How To Use A Token On Afribary

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