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This is a compilation of various research on poverty alleviation globally and in Africa. Lots of research study has been carried out on different aspects of poverty alleviation including causes, effects, correlation with public policy, methods/strategies, impact of non-governmental organisations, role of governments etc.

Poverty alleviation is a pretty wide scope or area of research that cross paths with many other topics. As a researcher or graduate student there are lots of angles and focus areas for your poverty alleviation research.


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Sample Theses, Dissertations and Projects for Research on Poverty Alleviation

1. Impact Of Non Governmental Organisations On Poverty Alleviation In Soroti District: A Case Study Of Temele Development Organisation, Arapai Sub-County

The study was carried out in Arapai sub-county, in Soroti district with a major focus on the impact of TEMEDO as an NGO on poverty alleviation in Soroti district, a case study of Arapai sub-county. The general objective of this research was to find out the impact of TEMEDO as a local NGO on poverty alleviation in Arapai sub-county…… | Dissertation, 76 pages

2. Assessing the Role of Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation Among Market Women in Ablekuma South

The concept of microfinance has become an important poverty alleviating tool in many parts of the world. This study was therefore conducted to assess the role of microfinance in poverty alleviation among women in Ablekumah South Sub – metro in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Four research questions were formulated to guide the study…. | Thesis; 106 pages.

3. An Appraisal of the Role of Government in Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria (A Case Study of NAPEP)

The study is to appraise the role of government in poverty alleviation in Nigeria with a special reference to National Poverty Eradication Programme NAPEP. The research introduces the background of the study in chapter one and brief historical background. Some of the objectives of this study is to identify the impact of NAPEP in the eradicating poverty in Nigeria, strategies for poverty reduction… | Project; 135 pages

4. The Role of Female Entrepreneurs in Poverty Alleviation in Rural Communities

The study assessed the role of female entrepreneurs in poverty alleviation in rural communities of Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.  It specifically analysed the socioeconomic characteristics of women entrepreneurship and assessed the contribution of female-owned businesses to poverty alleviation in the study area. The main reason for this study was due to the fact that most studies on the relationship between businesses development and poverty alleviation have concentrated on aggregate …… | Project; 55 Pages

5. Microfinance Institutions And Poverty Alleviation A Case Study: Sudan Microfinance Yei County

The study was conducted to investigate the Micro finance institution and poverty alleviation reduction case study Sudan Microfinance Yei County. The study intended to investigate the Micro finance institution and poverty alleviation reduction case study Sudan Microfinance Yei County. The independent variable was microfinance operations, while the dependent variable poverty alleviation operations…… | Thesis; 62 pages

6. Poverty Alleviation Through Land Reform: The Case Of Central Estate Ressettlement In Chirumhanzu 2004-2014

This study was aimed at finding out whether land resettlement indeed achieved poverty eradication, using the case of Central Estate Resettlement in Chirumhanzu, to ascertain whether or not resettled farmers in Central Estate in Chirumhanzu have managed to eradicate poverty through accessing land and produce cash crops. A couple of literature on sustainable livelihoods, including relevant model, was reviewed focusing on aspects such as community assets…. | Dissertation; 82 pages

7. Role of NGOS in Poverty Alleviation Mbarara District: A Case Study of World Vision-Uganda

According to World Vision Uganda Strategy (2016-2020), World Vision is a Christian, relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. It is committed to working with girls and boys, families, and their communities worldwide to overcome poverty and injustice…. Project | 51 Pages

8. Good Governance And Poverty Alleviation; A Case Study of Selected Local Government in Benue State

For the purpose of clarity and operational reasons, this study was undertaken to investigate good governance and poverty alleviation programme in Benue State with a focus to six selected local government. Three specific objectives were formulated and three research questions were set to guide the study. The major limitation of the study was that the research was formally intended to study the whole local governments in Benue State…. Project | 64 Pages

9. Analysis Of Poverty Alleviation Initiatives Among Small Scale Farming Communties In Rural Naivasha, Kenya

Small-scale farmers are the centre of concern about globalization because they are the largest employment and small business group among the world‟s poor. More than 80% of Kenyans live in the rural areas and earn their livelihoods in agricultural-based activities. More than 50% of Kenyans live below the poverty level and struggle to meet their basic needs. Therefore the purpose of this study was to analyze of poverty alleviation initiatives….. Thesis | 114 Pages

10. Effect Of The Size Of The Informal Sector On Economic Growth, Total Factor Productivity And Poverty Alleviation In Kenya

The Kenyan economy is predominantly informal. The informal sector employed 132,100 workers in 1974; and 13,442,200 workers in 2016, which translate to 19 percent and 84 percent of the total work force in the respective time periods. The government has from 1986 put in place policy measures to develop the sector for employment creation, economic growth, and poverty alleviation….. Thesis | 204 Pages

11. Assessing The Application Of Literacy Skills Towards Poverty Alleviation By Graduates Of The National Literacy Programme In Oshikoto Region, Namibia

This study assessed the application of literacy skills towards poverty alleviation by graduates of the National Literacy Programme in Oshikoto region, Namibia. The study addressed three major questions that were regarded important in understanding how the use of literacy skills is contributing to poverty alleviation in the lives of the participants. The questions looked at the skills the literacy programme graduates in Oshikoto region acquired; how literacy skills acquired are used and the challenges….. Thesis | 147 Pages

12. A Study Of Contribution Of Micro-Finance Institutions In Poverty Alleviation Through Women Income Generating Activities In Kilosa District, Morogoro Tanzania

The study was conducted in Kilosa district. The overall objective was to show the contribution of MFIs in poverty alleviation through women IGAs. The study aimed at identifying MFIs operating in the study area; common IGAs performed by women groups, assessing the contribution of MFIs towards poverty alleviation and analyzing factors affecting the performance of women’s IGAs. Cross-sectional research design with structured questionnaire was used to collect primary information from 100 respondents ….. Dissertation | 117 Pages



Articles, Research Papers for Research on Poverty Alleviation

1. Nigeria: Pathway to Poverty Alleviation

This paper analyses Nigeria’s poverty alleviation strategies since 1960. There is an indication that despite attempts at curbing poverty through poverty alleviation strategies, Nigeria’s poverty level continues to increase in a worrisome dimension with poverty remaining a hydra-headed monster. The failure of these strategies to reduce Nigeria’s poverty…. | 48 pages

2. Non-governmental Organisations Activities and Poverty Alleviation Among Rural Dwellers of Bosso, Nigeria

The phenomenal growth in the level of poverty in spite of the increasingly government established programs aimed at poverty alleviation in Nigeria call for the study into other options outside the purview of the Government. Hence this paper examines the impact of Non-Governmental Organisations activities on poverty alleviation among… | 16 pages

3. Tourism-led Poverty Alleviation in South Asia – An Analytical Rapportage

Presently, when the whole world is busy celebrating the technological advancements, accumulated wealth and gains from globalization along with industrialization, poverty continues to stand as a ubiquitous and prevalent predicament in South Asia which is home to a quarter of the world population and nearly one third of the poor people in the world….. | 17 pages

4. Education for Poverty Alleviation: The Place of the Humanities

Education is a tool for personal and societal development and its impacts are felt in all sectors of any society. The gains of education for the individual, is that it inculcates the right knowledge and skills on the individual which give him/her the leverage to seek for high paying jobs that will add value to his/her socioeconomic status. Also, it makes the individual to be a productive citizen. This makes education to be a mechanism for empowerment in order to break the burden of poverty….. 19 pages

5. The State, Academia and Poverty: Towards a Schema for Effective Poverty Reduction in Nigeria

The phenomenon of poverty has always occupied the central discourse of many organised polities especially given its attendant consequences in a society where it is dominant. Scholars and practitioners have in various ways debated profusely on what causes poverty and its reduction process. While some hold the profound view that the causes of poverty are largely exogenous, others submit that the causes of poverty are endogenous… 15 pages

6. Impact of Foreign Aid On Poverty Reduction In Ghana

There have been various forms of foreign aid to developing countries of which Ghana is a beneficiary. Many theories have been attributed to the inception of foreign aid to less developed countries. In some researches, Foreign aid have been attributed to having a great impact on poverty reduction however, there are other studies which have come out with findings that show that foreign aid does not have an impact on poverty reduction. This research… | 90 pages

7. The Role Of Agro Based Industries In Poverty Alleviation Programme (A Case Study Of Phinomar Oil Industry Nigeria Limited Enugu)

Due to the economic situation of the country the writer decided to carryout a comprehensive study to find out those solutions to the obstacles that disrupt the economic situation.  The study also reveals the role of Agro-based industries to poverty alleviation programme, family support programme and family economic advancement programme.
Its therefore hoped that recommendation offered … 30 pages
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