Basically, to earn a living roots from the drive to survive and stems from the simple notion to sustain one’s self. Living is striving. It is a way of conserving because if you are not living, you are dead.

To earn a living specifies how the action happens, it often represents a formal way and depicts that the individual is working in his field.

Well, people engage in diverse activities to conserve and provide for themselves. These sets of activities ranges from skilled to unskilled forms. Suffice me to say these sets of activities are called Labour.

To explain more, Skilled labour is the labour that requires workers who have specialized training or a learned skill-set to perform the work. These workers can be either blue-collar or white-collar workers, with varied levels of training or education. Unskilled labour does not require workers to have special training or skills.

Whichever form one takes, It should be self satisfying. If you are not deriving any satisfaction from your source of earning a living, there is need for adjustment.

Doing some more to earn a living is all about deriving satisfaction from any type of work you do whether blue-collar, white-collar or overall kind of Job. Create it if it is absent. You deserve to feel satisfied after a day’s outing.

How satisfied are you? Do some more today

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