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If you are conducting a research or writing a thesis on social media there are already several work done in this area. Social media, over the past decade, has become an increasingly integral part of modern life.

There are contemporary research topics on or related to social media that you can work on whether from the social, psychological, business/marketing, statistical angles etc. So no matter your discipline we hope you can find relevant research titles and ideas on social media from our research database.

To search for possible title for thesis about social media or social media research topics follow the steps below

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However we have picked several of the research titles on social media available on the database. You can check through below;

(1) Influence of Social Media on Performance of Secondary School Student as Perceived by Teachers in Ilorin West, Kwara State

The study examined the influence of social media on performance of secondary school students as perceived by teachers in Ilorin west local government area of Kwara State. The data for the study was collected through the use of questionnaire, which was administer to selected teachers in (10) selected secondary schools of studies area. And frequency count and percentage were used to answer research question, while t-test statistical tool was used to test the two hypothesis at alpha =0.05 significally level. | 82 pages | See full work

(2) The Influence of Social Media Utilisation on Sexual Behaviour of Private Secondary School Students in Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna State

Today, the advancements in the field of communication technology created a world with no boundary or limitations. We have witnessed the immense power of the internet and social networking sites are redefining the field of communication, which in conjunction with other communication media and technology, turned the world into a global village, thereby, diffusing both time and space. Over the past two decades, studies have shown an overall increase in the number of portrayals of and the amount of discussion about sex in these social media and an increase in the explicitness of these portrayals. Little is known, however, of the relationship between the social media and young people’s sexual behavior in Nigeria, because of the dearth of studies in this area. | 62 pages | See full work

(3) Social Media and Marketing Effectiveness in Selected Bottling Companies in Kampala, Uganda

The social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become very instrumental in enhancing the marketing capabilities of several bottling companies in Uganda. However, there is no academic documentation of whether these bottling companies such as Century Bottling Company Limited or Crown Bottling Company Limited (Pepsi) assesses marketing effectiveness of social media as their choicest tool in marketing. This study investigated whether using social media as a marketing tool promotes marketing effectiveness in terms of advertising effectiveness, promotional effectiveness and brand awareness for century bottling company limited and crown bottling company limited (Pepsi), Kampala. | 88 pages | See full work

(4) Effect of Social Media on the Church

There is no doubt that social media has gained wider acceptability and usability and it is also becoming probably the most important communication tools among people. Church is simply a particular Christian denomination or group of Christian believers. There is perceived effect of social media on the church. Several authors had considered the pro and con of social media on the Church. However it is necessary to view the effect from a scientific point of view. The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that affect the use of social media and determine the percentage contribution of the factors to the success or failure of the church. It is also to evolve a standard metric for planning, management and assessment of social media program in the church. | 34 pages | See full work

(5) Choice As A Constraint To Decision Efficiency: The Social Media Perspective

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have become important sources of information. However, the dynamics between the volume of information on social media and the quality of choices consumers make remain unclear in literature. While some social media users complain of choice overload affecting the quality of choices and post purchase dissonance, others believe that information on social media is of quality and sufficient for effective decision making. Therefore, this study formulated four objectives to investigate and understand this phenomenon. The first objective sought to explore how consumers use social media tools in decision making | 134 pages | See full work

(6) Application Of Social Media Analytics To Business Intelligence In Namibia

Social media use within the business and branding spheres has exploded globally over the past few years. While Namibian SMEs are actively involved in social media marketing, there is a lack of deeper knowledge of audience analysis, campaign analytics and proper strategic planning for full benefit extraction. This is compounded by the relative lack of locally produced and published research within the field of social media that explicitly tackles the topic of analytics and social media strategy. Furthermore, existing frameworks present some challenges towards implementation, such as a lack of focus on contextual environmental advantages that might inform creative strategy. | 218 pages | See full work

(7) Social Media Advertising And Consumer Decision Making In The Fashion Industry

Social media advertising is a powerful tool in contemporary times. The study sought to explore the effectiveness of firms’ social media advertising of fashion brands on consumer decision making with the mediating effect of consumer engagement in Ghana. Three constructs in assessing the effectiveness of firms’ social media advertising which included emotional appeal, informativeness and advertising creativity were used. There were two objectives of the study. The first objective was to determine the relationship between social media advertising constructs and consumer decision-making. Another objective was to determine the mediating role of consumer engagement on social media advertising constructs and consumer decision making. | 143 Pages | See full work

(8) Social Media Utilization Among Breastfeeding Mothers In The Accra Metropolitan Area

Good breastfeeding practices provide infants with the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of infection and also has significant health benefits to the mother as well. Health communication is important to support good breastfeeding practices. However, communication through the health system alone is not sufficient enough to reach everyone who needs breastfeeding information. Social media could serve as an inexpensive way of receiving information. This study examined the use of social media to access breastfeeding information by breastfeeding women. The study used a cross-sectional design. | 90 pages | See full work

(9) Political Marketing in Ghana: The Role of Social Media

As the political and media landscape become complex, political parties and candidates all over the world and for that matter Ghana keep exploring new ways and ideas to effectively communicate their political messages to the target audience. Social media tools nevertheless have unfolded new possibilities for politicians to engage with citizens. The primary objective of this study therefore is to examine the extent to which political message dissemination on social media by politicians in Ghana influence young voters’ political knowledge, efficacy, and participation. The mass media have played an integral role in the success of political marketing throughout the political history of Ghana. | 126 pages | See full work

(10) Social Media As An Advertising Platform: A Case Of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd

Social media has become extremely popular in Ghana and various organisations of all sizes are experimenting with social media advertising. Despite this increasing usage there is currently limited research on how social media is used in specific Ghanaian industries. This study was conducted to ascertain why and how Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) uses social media for advertising. The study focused on specific Guinness Ghana Limited brands –Guinness and Malta Guinness. The study adopted a qualitative research approach. To be specific, in – depth interviews and textual analysis were used to gather data. The study revealed that GGBL relied on social media primarily for the following reasons: brand awareness, communication and interaction with key audiences, social media presence, website traffic and cost effectiveness. | 74 pages | See full work

(11) Effects of Social Media Marketing on Business Performance in the Pension Fund Sector

The primary objective of this research work is to investigate the positive effects of social media on business performance and its influence in the Pensions Fund sector. Using both the quantitative and qualitative means, this study strives to investigate how social media can benefit PFAs in optimizing their overall performance through the appropriate usage of this internet. This research investigates how social media has been beneficial to the case study organization Pensions Alliance Limited which is one of the first PFAs licensed by the National Pensions Commission (PenCom) in 2006. | 93 pages | See full work

(12) Drivers And Outcomes of Social Media Advertising Engagement; A Survey of The Students of University of Ghana

Increasingly, advertisers and marketers have taken advantage of social media platforms to complement marketing and advertising. Social media offer firms a cheaper alternative to target prospective customers and as such firms are devising ways to trigger engagement from social media users since these users are mostly online for a plethora of reasons. This research was guided by the Elaboration Likelihood Model to examine drivers and outcomes of social media advertising engagement. Survey responses from 180 students of the University of Ghana were collected and a regression model was used to test four hypotheses. Findings indicated that social media addiction, market mavenism and product involvement were drivers of social media advertising engagement. | 73 pages | See full work

(13) The Role of Social Media in the Daily Routines of Radio Journalists in Accra

This exploratory study investigated the role of social media in radio journalism at Accra-based radio stations. It was inspired by the steady evolution of radio in Ghana‘s democratic space and the insurgence of social media through increasing internet connectivity in Accra. The study combined both qualitative and quantitative methods. From a sampling frame of 33 radio stations, the study used a healthy combination of random sampling methods; purposive sampling and snowballing for its data collection. In selecting and determining the radio stations that made the cut for the research, primary data was collected from 7 social media platforms. Each social media platform was given particular weighted averages based on the total numbers gathered from each of the radio station‘s social media accounts. | 49 pages | See full work

(14) Social Media As A Tool For Social Activism: A Study Of The “Occupy Flagstaff House Movement” (OFSHM)

This study examined how social media is used as a tool for social activism by the Occupy Flagstaff House Movement. Underpinned by the theories of technological determinism and the social network theory, the researcher interviewed three members of the leadership of Occupy Flagstaff House Movement and conducted a quantitative content analysis of the messages sent out by the movement on the social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. The study established that the primary reasons why Occupy Flagstaff House Movement used social media were its effectiveness and efficiency, relatively low costs, and the ability of social media to help them reach and interact with their target audiences. | 81 pages | See full work

(15) The Effect of Social Media on Voting Behaviour in Nassarawa Ward One in Chicken Local Government Area of Kaduna State

The influence of the use of social media on people’s behavior has recently become more visible than before. Stakeholders in several democracies have since harnessed the utility of social media in their electoral process. This study examined the effect of social media on voting behaviour in Nassarawa Ward “ONE” in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The study adopted voting behaviour theory as theoretical framework. This study also adopted both primary and secondary sources of data to explain the effect of social media on voting behaviour in Nassarawa Ward “ONE” in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. | 72 pages | See full work

(16) Impact Of Social Media Influencers On Social Brand Communication For Kenyan Tech Brands On Instagram

More than half of the world’s population now uses the Internet, making it an integral part of our everyday life. For this reason, Internet growth continues to accelerate around the world with user numbers increasing by the day. A 2017 study by ‘We are Social’ and ‘Hootsuite’ on the use of the Internet, social media and mobile throughout Africa reveals that visiting social network sites remains the most performed online activity on the Internet all over the world (Kemp, 2017). According to Kemp (2017), up to 2.8 billion people worldwide are now using social media at least once every month with more than 91% accessing social media via their mobile devices. | 97 pages | See full work

(17) The Role of Social Media in Promoting Education in Kampala City”A Case Study of Kampala International University

The study on “the role of social media on promoting education was conducted in Kampala International University, Uganda. The study employed a cross sectional research design. It included 90 respondents. The study was based on research objectives which included; establishing the different t~es of social media sites used in education in Uganda; to find out the impact of social media on education in Uganda; to find out the challenges in the adoption of social media on education in Uganda. | 47 pages | See full work

(18) Social Media Marketing Acceptability Among Restaurants On Customers Relationship In Katsina State, Nigeria

Social Media has become a good marketing and quality management tool for restaurants and other hospitality sectors. Restaurants continue to be a difficult place for entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities, but by understanding common challenges, owners may be able to develop unique strategies to increase their chances of success on maintaining customer relationship. The major aim of the study was to identify how acceptable social media is in creating restaurant employees and customers’ relationship. The state is made up of three zones namely; Katsina, Funtua and Daura zones. | 222 pages | See full work

(19) Ghana’s 2016 Presidential Election: A Study of Electoral Campaigns in the Age of Social Media.

Political Parties across the world have in recent time’s integrated social media as part of their campaign strategy to woo voters online. This is because social media has proven to be an effective medium for electoral communication given its several features like photo sharing, status update, tags, post sharing, likes, live videos, video sharing among others. Most importantly, social media facilitates access to political information and its networked structure enables users to create interest groups, interact with each other and engage in political debates. This study explores the various ways social media is revolutionizing political campaigns in Ghana using the 2016 election campaigns as a case study. | 131 pages | See full details

We hope you find enough relevant social media focused research titles.


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