Everyone says a Beautiful girl’s picture will get all the ‘likes’ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let me open your eyes more to pictures that get most ‘likes’ than a beautiful girl’s picture.
Take a look at these:
1. TYPE AMEN. Usually Sick and bed ridden children. Nobody wants to be sick, hence, rush to type AMEN.
and Everybody Loves God. Prayer works, Type Amen if you believe.
type amen

2. SHARE TO EARN MONEY FOR THE SICK. Mark Zuckerberg said the more ‘share’ he gets, the more Facebook will increase fund for the surgery. Caring folks will share definitely just incase it might be true.

3. NUDE PICTURES. Do I need to explain this and show a picture example? No. The haters will comment and get the picture Viral. People will click like to acknowledge they saw it.

4. ADORABLE KIDS. Like this.


5. COMEDY PICTURES. See and laugh too.
funny iamge


6. PEOPLE ABROAD. Intimidation syndrome..hehehe…I need not explain more.

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