Room Mate Phenomenon is not just a School-Student terminology. A Room mate is simply anyone who shares a room with you even if it is just for one night.

Almost Everyone has or had a room-mate while in school or when you find or found yourselves in an area that living alone is or was exorbitant. I even had 15 Room mates as a Student in one of the Nigerian University’s Hostel Plan.

The coming together of two people with diverse characters and sharp contrasting ideologies without harmonization often results in loggerheads. Now think about the coming together of 15 people…haha!

Some Characters that can not be Harmonized and Unacceptable are these ones:

1. The Hoarder– Use your things and keep theirs safe in a locked up box or closet. They refuse to share anything with you- a psychological made up mind. It is just in their nature to cheat. They even use your towel.

2. The Pick Pocket.– When you lose a painting brush while working together to make the apartment look good, know you are in for a bigger lose because things will be misappropriated and probably sold out.

3. The Too-Much-Friends.– These kind of people do not even buy a common pillow in the room, They will flood the house with friends who will not seat on the chairs but on the bed you bought and inconvenience you.

4. The Never Cook.– Their first point of call during a hunger emergency is your pot. They visit it without permission and they never buy food materials to make you anticipate when hungry too. Best room mates for food. Avoid this kind of people.

5. The Borrow me.– Your pants are also up for borrowing. Hehe! Beware guys.

You had an experience or still having such experience? Share with us using the comment box.

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