Unknown: Anything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.

E-Reading is reading Books and Newspapers on a portable device such as an e-book Reader, Tablet, Computer or Smartphone.

We have found ourselves in a full-blown Technology World. Chances abound that there will be a revolution in our educational system. New methods are going to replace old methods. These new methods will be guided by internet rules and principles.

Even now, An Average Student craves for internet services, to meet assignment and Project requirements, to keep in touch with friends and family.

In this Article, We are talking about the Indispensability of Internet in a Student’s Life. Internet will become that without it, you can not Learn. Still confused? It is going to be a sine-qua-non for learning. Hope you have understood me better.

The New Phase of Learning is going to be as thus:

1. Hard copies are going to become Soft copies- The Bulky looking Books Students carry around and sometimes never read will be installed as files in their portable Devices. Every Student will do E-Reading compulsorily. It is actually and entirely not a bad idea to install Textbooks in your phones. Or is it?

2. Everyone will own a Portable Device- The Trend has made some of these devices cheap. Schools are going to mandate Students to Buy them so as to download their Academic materials from the School Portal. National Open University is currently operating this way.

3. Students will write Exams using the Internet and see results automatically- You can no longer miss your exams and miss your grades completely. You will be rescheduled or can write your exam from anywhere as long as you have a Device and log in details.

4. You no longer get to see your Lecturers- You learn online. Classes will no longer exist in a physical location but scheduled online. Students log in, Lecturers have the contact of each student online and how many attended lectures, everyone learns and Devices are shut down after each lesson.

5. Lecturers’ offices are going to be online- You log into the portal, Type the name of your Lecturer, It shows, You compose your Email and send. He replies your Email if need be.

6. Your Results will be Compiled automatically, of course the computer knows what to do. You see your grades and CGPA. Some graduates and undergraduates do not know their CGPA because the Result Secretary refused to show.

These Seem Utopian, It will happen. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.

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