CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average for a year or calculated over four years. Students usually make mistakes in calculating their CGPA and when they can not calculate it they fail to keep records of their results intact to be used as a reference when the time comes. This problem is generally associated with Schools who still use notice boards to publish Students results.

If you attend these schools, this article will be useful to you because its purpose is to help point out these anomalies that affect Students CGPA and adequately address them.

1. Friends Check your grades: Hello Dera, Have they pasted the results? Help me check mine. This is a generational mistake made by many students. If your surname belongs to the ‘Z’ group, Your friend is short and the whole area is overcrowded, she can see your ‘F’ as ‘A’.
exam result
2. Over-Sight and Non-confirmation of results: Always confirm your results. You too can have an oversight like your friend, always crosscheck to be double sure.

3. No written down record of Results: Cramming your grades is quasi-impossible. Verbally defending them makes you a Joker. Write your results down, arrange them and keep them safe.

4. Photocopy of results/Screenshots: To back up your written down results, request for photocopies of your result. In the absence of photocopies, Technology has another answer. Use your phone to snap the sheets. You will thank me later when it solves your problem especially Missing results.

5. Reconciliation officer refuses to let you cross check and you accept it: Insist on cross checking. It is your right as a student. Compare what you have with what is written. Errors should be corrected immediately after proved. They reconcile these results manually. And Because they are not computers, misplacing of results happen. It is necessary before they short change your academic success.

You know other Mistakes? Kindly add to this list to teach students how to avoid these mistakes.

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