You can have your materials delivered to your email in these few steps:

Step 1. Go to Main Website and Log-in your details or Register if you don’t have an account yet.

Step 2. On your dashboard use the ‘Search Topic’ box, Type your topic and search.

Step 3. When found, Read the Abstract and Table of contents.

Step 4. If satisfied, Click on ‘Order and Download Complete Work’

Step 5. Click on your Preferred mode of payment. Pay Online, Pay Through Bank.

Step 6. If you pay online, You will get the work automatically sent to your email.

If you choose Pay Through Bank, You will need to Copy the Bank Details and the Reference code on the page.
Step 7. Send your reference code to any of the customer service lines (+2348137814886 or +2347017951959.), through a text message.

Your work will be sent to your User Supplied Email after we confirm your Payment.

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