We should not evaluate the success of an educational system by the percentage of people achieving high grades in things that won’t matter in our rapidly changing future. We should evaluate education by how it prepares people to thrive in life.
-Marc Winn

We still have an educational system modelled after providing capable hands to man industries and government policies and curriculum based one-size-fits-all.

School in the missionary concept was to train indigenous manpower to carry out the evangelical works to the various local communities. They served as Interpreters, Messengers, Clerks, Cleaners for the various missions and the British Businessmen. Its sole aim was for employment.

We are still taught basic concepts, words associated with particular professions as registers, etiquettes, dos and donts all in a bid to make us employable. It has not changed. Our case studies are still analyzing and fortifying schooling for being a manpower.

Specialization in fields has become the norm. You have to learn a particular thing and stay limited to knowing only such concepts. Just a few people open themselves up to learning and researching to gain general knowledge that are not as in-depth as their area of specialization.

This style of learning might be working for some people right now. Categorically stating and without contradictions, It is not going to work in the nearest future. The world is fast evolving and very soon, it might become unrecognizable with the type of education we get and curriculum we use. Our future is fast accelerating away from our past.

There is a complete disconnect between how we are educating society and how society is coping with the world around us. The education system is failing us more than we realise. Not only is it not preparing us for work, it is not preparing us for life.

That blue collar job economy that our curriculum was designed for has already begun going into extinction, through automation. In Countries like China and India, their workers are rapidly being replaced by robots. In the next few years, we are going to see explosions of these robots and machines which will put millions of people out of work, all over the world. So the current system has no place anywhere.

In Nigeria, we now have ATM and Debit machines. This is to tell you how fast metamorphosing and outdating our educational system which trains us to get a white collar job is.

It is suggested that computers will be smarter than humans by 2029. Think about what that means for jobs, businesses and education!

It will be astonishing to see how fast old careers will disappear and new ones will be formed as a result of these rapid changes. To survive and thrive in the future, we have to learn to adapt to this new, rapidly changing environment.

Doctors, Accountants, Bankers and Lawyers will all experience unprecedented pressure for jobs in the not too distant future With the so much talked about cognitive computing, crowd platforms and artificial intelligence.

At the end of these growing concerns, Our curriculum should be modelled along the changing world lines. Technology is taking over and to survive, we must conform to it.

Modelling our education, curriculum and learning towards what our society is serving us is the ideal solution and what a school should actually look like.

Share this with your friends. There is a revolution. No one should be caught unawares.

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