Rounding off, it was time for sharing the Souvenir and presentation of gifts. Everyone rushed to queue up at the announcement by the Master of Ceremony. The first set of people who presented their gifts to the Couple were given pet Bags with Jotters in them and it made others waiting on the long queue more excited and extra willing to wait to take their turn.

Suffice me to add here that it is no longer news that people often ask the first set of people coming back from visiting and presenting gifts to the newly wed what the content of their package is. It motivates or demotivates givers. For example, when they are sharing an ‘Opener’, people that had earlier packaged #5,000 eventually present #1,000 and Vice Versa. #Fact

Back to my story, I was even surprised at the sight of the broader smiles on their faces. At first, I felt they all loved writing until I decided to use my question skill. I started interviewing especially the women on why they were so happy that Jotters featured in the Souvenir plan.

The Responses were as follows:

Woman 1 (In her late 70’s): My Daughter, I can use this to write my shopping list. Detach it carefully without tearing. Carry it around the Market boastfully because everyone will know I attended a wedding where they shared a jotter.

Woman 2: My children can use it as an exercise book to copy notes in School while I keep looking around for money to purchase the ones sold by the School.

Woman 3: I can use it as a sales recording book. My sales girl will now keep an adequate record of things she sells when I am away or gone to the Market.

Woman 4: As you can see, It is portable. I can use it to write out the contacts of my phone. I lost my phone last month including the numbers. I have a new line now, I am going to use it as my phonebook.

Woman 5: How can you ask me such question young Lady? What are jotters not used for these days, I can even use it to wipe my anus after visiting the Loo.
i know you surpprise

At this juncture, I said to myself, This interview is over. Let me quickly go and collect mine before they begin to tell stories or open hands for me.

Opening hands mean ‘Finished’.

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