Want to be different from everyone else? Then try these creative tips.

1. Start and Invest your idea.

2. Live Like there is no crisis

3. It’s always too early to quit

4. Don’t try doing. Just Do.

5. Stay Hungry

6. Think Simple

7. Borrow ideas

8. Dive Deep

9. It’s all about connecting things

10. Be brave

11. Be wrong

12. Don’t ask why? , ask Why not?

13. Collaborate

14. Stretch idea far

15. It’s Useless unless used

16. Do first, think later

17. Listen for the hidden insight

18. Better done than perfect.

19. Do what you are underskilled to do

20. Shed defense mentality

21. Visualize

22. Do faster than you doubt

23. Mix unmixables

24. Use what you got

25. Face your fears

26. Time changes nothing, you do.

27. Destroy creativity

28. Serve your reader- make it simple

29. One man’s trash is another’s treasure

30. Finish before you lose faith in you

31. Imagine that all is possible.

32. Be willing to learn

Credits: Internet

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