The Holidays are upon us once again. Our benevolent President has made it even more exciting that our loved ones working can now spend extra time with us.

Spending time at our towns of origin is a common exercise this period. You can evaluate this by visiting the nearby Motor-park in your area.

PUZZLE: How engaging can you be this period? Who does all the catch-up talk for days? No One.

At a point during long holidays, people begin to look for something else to keep them busy. As a Student getting your project work done is paramount but how about an Aunt/Uncle who travelled miles to be with the Family, you can not lock yourself up within this weekend writing your Project work pretending they don’t exist. It’s just unthinkable. Worst case scenario, pressing, surfing the net and handling your phones per second. Wow! Let’s break that habit!

This article focuses on revealing most engaging and exciting activities you can do and everyone feels your presence at home.

1. Board Games: The ones that can feature are:
-Whot Cards
These ones help you think faster, Smarter and can be played by over two people at a time. Team up and play. It’s fun.

2. Indoor Games: If have enough space you should set up:
-A Table Tennis
-Mini Volleyball Court
-Sand Football
-Truth or Dare games
-Story telling

3. Visit Relations: Influx of relations during holidays like this should be accompanied with visits. Build your relationship network. Let them know your level in school. People have landed jobs through relations whom they visited during a christmas holiday and exchanged contacts. Make use of this opportunity.

4. Tour Peculiar Sites: If you don’t have what to see in your town, you can tour other nearby towns. This outting serves as keeping everyone busy. Share memories by taking pictures together at some beautiful sites.

5. Dance/Sing Competition: It is a veritable tool used to entertain. You can start and make everyone take turns.

You can add to this list if you have ideas different from these ones mentioned on more exciting activities anyone can do during tthe holiday.

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