You do not have to be on the street with portable plates hung around your neck moving from car to car in traffic before you can measure how poor you are or get convinced you are poor. Most of those beggars have built mansions in their villages and is not even the best measure if you really want to know how to know you are poor.

How to know you are poor is an article focused on revealing some situations which I consider as poverty. I will be setting some parameters for you to use to measure your poverty level.

If none of these parameters best describe you, then you are either so poor or comfortable. Thumbs up!

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How to Know You are Po0r:

1. If you switch off your data connection before you go to bed, then you are poor.


If you forgot to switch off your data connection and dozed off, You woke up, picked up your phone and screamed same time ran a USSD code to know how many MB you lost then you are poor.

2. You hurry to talk about someone that almost bought everything in a shopping mall.

3. You are given a lift in a good ride and you can’t stop regretting not exchanging number with your driver of few minutes.

4. You can not snap a picture with your own phone. You prefer someone transfers same to you because theirs is obviously brighter.

An unmet identified need is as a result of no fund. D’roxy

5. You just can’t stop sharing pictures of you onboard an aeroplane or at exquisite locations.

6. When you edit your picture background or choose a more befitting background each time you want to take a picture.

7. MTN deducts #50 monthly and you vow not to recharge your line again.


You make a trip to an mtn outlet to have them deactivate the credit sucking cankerworm eating your hard earned credit.

8. You think it’s so out of place to visit an indomie spot, afterall 160 can make same as againat #350 sold in those spots.

9. You decide to use that product that is reacting to your skin because it costed a fortune…Well, #enoughwritten

10. You started from the top now you are rocking my 10th point. It means you have a need to discover how poor you are. Gracias!

You are Poor when your bank deducts their monthly sms alert charges, and in your heart, you would have preferred travelling to the bank to deposit same. Money in the bank is money in the bank (saved), money at hand is money at hand and should be spent. It seems a hopeless poverty level.

To be continued…

Which point best describes you? Let’s chat about it.

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