Choosing a project or thesis topic to write on can be quite challenging, especially when you have no idea on how and where to start. Today we will bring you list of possible project and thesis topics in Urban and Regional Planning.

This list is not exhaustive or complete. Almost all of the topics mentioned can be developed in many ways.

1. The Effects Of Land Use Act On Housing And Property Development In Nigeria

2. Public Latrine System And Its Associated Problems In Awka Capital Territory

3. Population And Climate Change “nigeria Case Study”

4. Environmental Impact Assessment Of A Proposed Tankfarm (a Case Study Of Okftz, Ondo State)

5. Cost Control Techniques Used On Building Construction Sites In Uganda

6. Assessment Of Construction Management Techniques In Nigeria Construction Industry

7. A Design Proposal For A Modern Staff Secondary School Case Study Caritas University

For downloading of these works, Kindly click on the works. For more subfields click here

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