Friendship helps us to understand who we really are.

Friendship is solidified by mutual trust and support by both parties involved. Both parties exist and agree by mutual consent. It means you need to also play a role in building trust and support for the other party. It requires respect and honesty.

If you play your role and the other party is passively involved, a long lasting friendship is likely not to occur.

Most times, The hardest kind of friendship is the type that exists between a boy and a girl. The purity of this kind of friendship usually loses its way and they see themselves plunged into romance and sexual lives. This is so because we can no longer differentiate between friend zone and friendship. Hello Ladies, A Guy on your friend zone list is not your friend. Remember he has once upon a time asked you out. So, He has greater chances of winning you over some time later. This could be an article for another day.

True friendships don’t wither when an inconvenience occurs.

The secret is when you make mistakes, apologise for it. Apologizing is not always all that is needed, explain your actions to them. Endeavor to point out also that you did not mean to harm or punish them.

All hands must be on deck to ensure there is harmony and a touch of longevity for their friendships even when the worst may seem to have happened.

These tips are for those who will build a formidable friendship force that will be impregnable.  The first key point is honesty. If you are sincere, you will get 100% acceptance from friends because they know you will always talk about it just the way it is without mincing words.

The 5 Important Key Points:

1. Remember To keep Contact and Stay in Touch: Always keep in touch with your friends. Call, text, email and chat them up. Show concern each time and probe to know even when they are not willing to talk to you.

2. Know Yourselves, Spend Time around Each other: Keeping in contact helps you to learn all the traits about your friend there is. Learn them by spending time with them often. Interactive sections with friends help to know what they may likely be up at any given moment.

3.  Open Up, Tell Them How Much Value You Place On the Friendship: How much value you place on a friendship is insignificant if your friend does not know how you feel about the friendship. Open up to them, in the long run, before they take decisions of being on their own, they will consider how bad they are going to make you feel. Your friend will choose to stay than go.

4. Find Common Interests, Avoid Parallel ones and Respect their views: Two can work together when they agree, find the common interests you share with your friend. This could be a jelly for the bond. keep your opposing views and interests in your closet. Respect their views, no matter how ugly it looks.

Friends tolerate each other and not change each other.

5. Switch Call Shots: Unconsciously, someone is going to be in charge of the bond. It is pertinent both parties switch roles in the relationship. Both parties should take charge, coordinate, command and control the flow of communication.

What kind of friendship do you want to build? It’s up to you!

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