“If humans need 12 hours of sleep every day and you get 4 hours, It’s a disorder and abnormal.”_Chika

Getting enough sleep keeps you refreshed, energized and enriched. If you do not feel this way after waking up, then you possibly have insomnia.

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is not a disease and has no medical cure. I mean no English medicine or pills can cure you of insomnia, they can only help you fall asleep faster. However, they have adverse effects especially if they are consumed often.

Some people need ‘Volume 5’ to sleep off every time they want to. The difference between naturally falling asleep and drug induced sleep is that during the latter, you just lie like a log of wood, oblivious of what’s happening around you. The reverse is the case for a natural one.

People who got burnt in a burnt house were sleeping unnaturally. Ask Library

Nonetheless, Insomia can be dealt with and managed. This is so because the possible causes of insomnia have been discovered though it varies by individuals, slightly.


Symptoms and Signs of insomnia: 

These are check signs if you have insomnia.

1. Difficulty falling asleep despite being tired

2. Trouble getting back to sleep when waking up in the night

3. Waking up too early in the morning

4. Relying on sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep

5. Not feeling refreshed after sleep

6. Daytime drowsiness, fatigue, or irritability

7. Difficulty concentrating during the day


General Causes of Insomnia are:

1. Anxiety

2. Stress

3. Depression

4. Illness

5.  Eating too late

6. Worrying about sleeping

7. Excessive thinking

8. Unhealthy Weight

9. Medications

10. Age


Other Causes of sleeplessness by you and that are within your power to change:

These are things and unhealthy habits you can work on if you really want to avoid insomnia.

1. Noisy Sleep Environment: Adjust or possibly relocate.

2. Bright lights close to bed: Switch off lights

3. Dis-comfort with especially position of bed: Re-arrange the room.

4. Watching Tv till late night: Respect your bedtime,Maintain a regular sleep schedule

5. Handling of Devices like Video games, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and smartphones: Switch them off during bed time.

6. Too much intake of Caffeine: Desist from taking this within 8 hours of bed time.

7. Exercising late in the evening: Step up your timing.

8. Eating late at night: Try taking your dinner before 8pm


Other Tips to help you deal with Insomnia:

1. To be continued…


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