Coparative Analysis Of Microbial Load Of Rivers In Ohaji Egbema Local Government

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Ohaji Egbema, Imo State were studied over a period of  twelve months to determine the effects of detergent effluent discharges on the aspect of water quality of the river. Water samples from Points A, B and C were screened for microbiological analysis. The results revealed that the level of pollution varied depending on season and that the water quality was acceptable at the upstream (Point A) but became impaired at Points B and C, indicating significant pollution from detergent effluent discharges. The analysis of the microbiological characteristics of water samples from the three points revealed high microbial and faecal contamination with microbial load in the order of 105 and MPN of ≤ 1800. The detergent effluents discharged into Points B and C were found to support the growth of micro organisms such as Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris, Streptococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Enterobacter species that are pathogenic in nature with higher loads. The results showed that water samples from the river contained toxic substances with higher microbial loads. The detrimental effects of the discharge effluent on the aspect of water quality of Ohaji Egbema River were discussed.

Title page

1.0    Introduction
1.1    Aims / objectives of the study
1.2    Statement of problems
1.3    Hypothesis
1.4    Scope of limitation

2.0    Literature review
2.1    The major group of biological Pollutions of water
2.2    Source of water supply
2.3    Source of water pollution
2.4    Treatment of water sample
International standard for drinking water
Diseases from water

3.0     Materials & methods
3.0     Materials
3.1     Media preparation
3.2     Collection of samples
3.3     Collection of samples
3.4     Methods of water analysis
3.5     Determination of PH
Determination of bacteria of the coliform
Culture techniques
Plate count technique
Presumption coliform (multiple tube fermebtation
3.5.4   Confirmatory test
3.5.5   Completed test
3.5.6   Test for indole
3.5.7   Methyl red test
3.5.8   Sugar test
3.5.9   Oxidase test
3.5.10 Catakase test
3.5.11 The slide cougulase test
3.5.12 Gram stain techniques
3.5.13 Detection of faecal stredtococci
3.5.14 Detection of escherichi coli test
3.5.15 Organism suspected after gram staining



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