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Yam Marketing

the study analyzed yam marketing in ikwuano local government area of abia state, nigeria. the specific objectives were totable of contenttitle page      ...

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Effect Of Jatropha Seed Oil In The Control Of Callosobruchus Maculatus (coleoptera:bruchidae) In Stored Cowpea

the insecticidal potential of jatropha curcas seed oil against callosobruchus maculatus on stored cowpea was evaluated under laboratory condition. the seed oil was applied at concentrations of 0.2, 0....

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Competitiveness In The Export Demand For Nigerian Rubber

The study examined the degree of competitiveness in the export demand for Nigerian rubber with focus on the Spanish Market. The study covered the periods of 1961 – 2010 and data comprised national a...

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Labour Use Pattern Among Farmers In Ife Central Local Government Area Of Osun State

The inequi Table distribution of income arising from low productivity of labour input and rising labour shortage in Ife Central Local Government area of Osun state, Nigeria has called for a research i...

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