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Feed Value Of Selected Locally Available Browse And Grass Forages Utilized By Goats In Lungwena Epa, Mangochi, Southern Malawi

A study was conducted to determine the nutrient composition of selected locally available browse and grass plants commonly utilized by goats in lungwena extension planning area (epa), mangochi...

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The Effect Of Maxigrain® On Performance Characteristics, Nutrient Utilization And Egg Quality Characteristics Of Layers Fed Gliricidia Sepium (jacq) Kunth Ex Steud Leaf Meal

In a feeding trial which was conducted to study the nutritive value of air-dried Gliricidia leaf meal (GLM) supplemented with Maxigrain® enzyme using Sixty laying hens (Rhode Island Red strai...

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Unpeeled Cassava Root Meal In Broilers Diet: The Effect Of Protein Reduction And Free Amino Acids Supplementation On Performance, Blood Parameters And Carcass Characteristics

A feeding trial was conducted in a completely randomized design to evaluate the overall performance, blood constituents and carcass analysis of 5-day old Marshal broiler chicks that are fed...

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The Influence Of Husbandry Practices On Consumers Preference For Beef And Chevon In Abeokuta Metropolis

This research work was carried out in Abeokuta metropolis covering areas of Abiola way, Adatan, Alabata, Aregbe, Camp, Isolu, Ita-Osin, Iyana- mortuary, Lafenwa, Obantoko...

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Efficacy Of Distilled Water And Lactic Acid As Wash Solution In Preventing Recontamination Of Some Specific Microbes On Refrigerated Chicken Carcasses

This study was carried out to look at the efficacy of using lactic acid and distilled water as wash solution to reduce rate of recontamination of some specific microbes on refrigerated chicken carcass...

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